Dabel Brothers join with Partible & Grevioux to form DPG Visions

Official Press Release

Legacy the animated series. Marshal the movie. Imperial Dragons the video game.

All within the realm of possibility over the next year.

Dabel Brothers Production (DBPro) announced today that it will be joining forces with Independent Producer Leo Partible and Underworld creator / producer / star Kevin Grevioux to form DPG Visions, a studio geared at developing properties for the entertainment industry.

"We're extremely excited to be a part of this studio, and we're looking forward to seeing our original projects developed for TV, film, and video games," said Les Dabel, New Business Director and Vice President of DBPro. "Things are moving very quickly already, thanks to the experience and enthusiasm of Leo and Kevin."

"Our comic books will be more cinematic in style, reflecting the nature of the medium as a natural transition between literature and film," said Los Angeles-based Partible, who is developing a comics-to-film project with Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon (producers of the upcoming Spyhunter movie, starring The Rock) "Our initial projects will focus on the action-adventure genre, horror, and family-friendly fare."

Titles under development include the Dabel Brothers creations Gemini and the sci-fi Marshal; Grevioux's Anti-Heroes and Spiral, an angels-versus-demons saga; Scott Kinney's Killer Stunts, Inc., and Partible's The Trouble With Grrrls!, the comic book version of his planned rock n' roll film. Partible is also writing and drawing a sci-fi/superhero saga that combines the influences of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien to iconic DC Comics mythology and '60s Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

"Everyone from George Lucas to J.K. Rowling to Neil Gaiman draws from the same wellspring: The Inklings," said Partible, "a writer's group of which C.S. Lewis and Tolkein were members. Our aim is to continue that tradition."

One notable plus about DPG Vision: all of its founding members share a common Christian worldview.

"There was a time where openly Christian men and women couldn't find work in the entertainment industry," said Ernst Dabel, Editor-in-Chief and President of DBPro. "But times have changed, and people are looking for answers that go beyond what they can discover for themselves. We're not here to judge people or to bash them over the head with religion; we're just looking to share our ideas - and our faith - through the stories we tell. That's been one of the founding principles of DBPro since we began publishing comics, and it is a view that we at DPG Visions have all had in common."

More information about DB Production and DPG Visions will be posted by early 2004 on the official Dabel Brothers website at http://www.dabelbrothers.com.

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