Dabel Brothers announce 'Majipoor' acquisition

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"An object in motion," said Sir Isaac Newton, "tends to stay in motion."

And there's no slowing down for fan-favorite phenomenon DB Production now that some momentum has been achieved.

"We've already started off quite strongly with our critically-acclaimed adaptation of George R. R. Martin's The Hedge Knight," said Ernst Dabel, Editor-in-Chief and President of DB Pro. "And we've been hearing that our upcoming adaptation of Richard A. Knaak's Dragonlance: The Legend of Huma is one of the most eagerly anticipated new series of 2004."

"We've got such an initially solid lineup that we've got to continue to produce high-quality books to keep from disappointing our fans," laughed Dabel. "That's exactly why we've approached some of the biggest names in science fiction and fantasy for permission to begin adapting their work for release in the spring."

One of the best-known of these authors is Robert Silverberg, a multi-Hugo and Nebula award-winning author who has penned hundreds of short stories, novels and collaborations in his 50-year professional writing career. DB Production will be adapting the short story "The Seventh Shrine," part of Silverberg's popular and beloved "Majipoor" series, into a beautifully illustrated storybook format featuring paintings by popular European artist Anders Finer. The book will be published under the title The Majipoor Chronicles: The Seventh Shrine and will be available at major bookstores worldwide.

"Working with a writer of the caliber of Mr. Silverberg is both an honor and a privilege," said Les Dabel, New Business Director and Vice President of DB Pro. "We're tremendous fans of his writing, and we're excited to see the world of Majipoor brought to life in such vivid detail."

"I'd never heard of Robert Silverberg prior to beginning this project," said Mike S. Miller, Art Director for DB Pro. "But since he was working as an editor for The Hedge Knight and I knew we'd be adapting his work soon, I read through The Seventh Shrine and Majipoor Chronicles. His writing in these books is simply amazing; it's rare that you'll find an author with the ability to craft stories with such depth and character."

"Most writers just string together action sequences and space them out with a little bit of description and exposition," said Sean Jordan, Managing Editor for DB Pro. "But not Mr. Silverberg. His writing style is so detailed and immersive new readers may find themselves totally swept away into his world."

"I've always relished the adventurous feeling of the Majipoor stories because the writing, with its expert style and language, works hard to place the reader in an alien world where violence and warfare are almost nonexistent. The conflict is psychological, political, and cerebral before it ever gets physical."

"Of course, anyone who's read and enjoyed Frank Herbert's Dune, Arthur C. Clarke's Rama, Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game, Isaac Asimov's Foundation or Gordon R. Dickson's Childe Cycle will also love the Majipoor series," added Jordan. "and fans of Star Wars and Star Trek will appreciate its depth and daring. I consider Mr. Silverberg to be one of the best and most prominent science fiction authors in history, and I'm confident readers who voyage into the world of Majipoor with us this spring will be captivated by what they see and discover."

The short story The Seventh Shrine was originally published in the science fiction anthology Legends, edited by Robert Silverberg, and is available now at major bookstores. The storybook edition will be available in Spring, 2004 through Devil's Due Publishing and will be available for solicitation through Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc. More information about The Majipoor Chronicles: The Seventh Shrine, DB Production and other projects can be found at http://www.dbproduction.com.

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