D23 Unveils Disney Parks' Avengers Campus - Including Tom Holland's Spider-Man

Disney has unveiled a first look at its Marvel Cinematic Universe-themed park, which will be known as Avengers Campus.

"The idea is that Tony Stark has come to the D23 Expo to showcase the global Avengers Initiative, which is the Avengers Campus in Disneyland California and the campus in Disneyland Paris, as well as his partnerships with the Worldwide Engineering Brigade and Pym Technologies," Caroline May, Creative Director at Walt Disney Imagineering, explained in a new video.

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"Our chairman, Bob Chapek, has announced the name of the land in both Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris, which is Avengers Campus," she added.

Per the Disney Parks Blog, Avengers Campus will allow guests to "become part of an interconnected, global story that spans from California to Paris to Hong Kong with the Avengers recruiting new extraordinary people to join them."

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The concept art, pictured above, teases what the park will look like when it opens. In the top right corner, the Guardians of the Galaxy -- Mission: Breakout! attraction looms over the rest of the campus. Below that, the Avengers' quinjet rests, just above a big plaza with the Avengers logo. Pym Technologies has its own warehouse in the back, while the New Avengers Facility stands to its left. What appears to be a giant arc reactor and perhaps an entrance to the Bifrost also appear in the foreground.

Notably, Spider-Man can be spotted swinging by the New Avengers Facility. Following Disney and Sony's fallout over the character's film rights, it is unclear if the web-slinger will appear in the park. The concept art was likely created ahead of the recent split.

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