D23: Disney Interactive Talks "Disney Infinity 3.0," Custom Star Wars PS4s & More

During this year's D23 Expo, the people behind many of Disney's upcoming games took to the event's stage to announce new details about "Disney Infinity 3.0," "Star Wars Battlefront," "Kingdom Hearts" and more.

The panel kicked off with "Kingdom Hearts III" producer Shinji Hashimoto announcing that the role-playing game will feature a world inspired by the movie "Big Hero 6." To illustrate, he shared a piece of concept art which had Sora on the back of Baymax as they prepared to fight a giant robot, followed by Baymax waddling out onto the stage. They then showed a video in which that film's producer, Roy Conli, announced that San Fransokyo would be home to a new adventure in the game, which is set after the events of the movie.

Next, Scott Humphries from the mobile games division announced that Gameloft is developing "Disney Magic Kingdoms" for iOS, Android and Windows devices. In it, you build your own Disney amusement park, but have to deal with hazards beyond stale churros and limited parking, as illustrated by a video that showed Maleficent arriving at the park in whirl of purple smoke.

This announcement was followed by a look at Hasbro's "Playmation," which is as much a toy as it is a game. Wearing, for example, a replica of Iron Man's glove, kids get to play games against their friends that kind of recall "Laser Tag." Or, they can use the action figure or the small, mobile robot, both of which are part of the "Starter Pack," to play different games on their own. They also announced the "Gamma Gear Starter Pack," which comes with two Hulk hands and a Loki action figure. It's slated to be released this October.

Next to take the stage was Denny Chiu of Bandai Namco, who revealed that there was going to be a "Premium Edition" of the "Star Wars" arcade game "Star Wars Battle Pod." Unlike the regular version, this special one has leather seats, your choice of Darth Vader or Rebel Alliance images on the outside, as well as the option to have your name in the game's credits (well, of your machine, anyway) and engraved in a metal plaque on the machine. That is, if you're willing to spend $100,000 to have an arcade game in your house.

It was then time for "Star Wars Battlefront," the multiplayer-centric first-person shooter coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17. While they didn't reveal anything new about the game, they did bring out Adam Boyes, the VP of Publisher & Developer Relations at PlayStation, to announce a special Darth Vader-adorned version of the PlayStation 4. Available in a bundle with either "Star Wars Battlefront" or "Disney Infinity 3.0," the system not only comes with a matching controller, but will also include download codes for four old "Star Wars" games: 1992's side-scrolling action game "Super Star Wars," which was originally released on the Super Nintendo; the 2002 podracing game "Star Wars: Racer Revenge"; 2002's dogfighting game "Star Wars Jedi Starfighter"; and the Jang Fett game "Star Wars Bounty Hunter," which also came out in 2002, and is the only one of the four games previously available on PS4.

Disney's John Vignocchi and Avalanche Studios' John Blackburn took to the stage to talk about "Disney Infinity 3.0." After premiering trailers for the "Twilight of the Republic" playset (which, as part of the game's "Starter Pack," will be out August 30) and the "Rise Against The Empire," the second playset, they then announced that the Marvel Comics playset will be called "Marvel Battlegrounds" when it comes out next Spring. They then explained that, for the first time, this playset would allow for four gamers to play at once.

This was followed by a trailer that showed off the first of their new Marvel characters, Ultron and Hulkbuster, both of which will be out in November and are thus not included in the "Marvel Battlegrounds" playset. This was followed by the announcing of four other characters: Spot from the upcoming Pixar movie "The Good Dinosaur," Judy and Nick from the Disney animated flick "Zootopia," and Peter Pan.

Disney also announced limited edition Light FX versions of the Darth Vader, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Kanan Jarrus toys, which have lightsabers that light up when you play with them.

It was then revealed that he "Ultimate Unlock" for "Disney Infinity 3.0" -- which is a special in-game reward for gamers who play with every available character -- will be the keyblade from "Kingdom Hearts." Which could be taken as a hint, given that the "Ultimate Unlock" for the original "Disney Infinity" was Luke's lightsaber, while the "Ultimate Unlock" for the second game was Luke's land speeder.

Finally, after some joking pressure from a Disney executive, Vignocchi and Blackburn announced the first two characters from the upcoming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" playset: Finn (who's played by actor John Boyega) and Rey (Daisy Ridley). They even brought out the two actors out on stage, and announced that the two would be voicing these characters in the game when it comes out December 18.

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