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So the movie panel I talked about in an earlier post was a big highlight of the day, but another one was getting to meet Mark Waid, who I haven't ever met in person, at the BOOM! booth at D23 today.

Or, actually, one of the BOOM! booths at the show, since they have two. I'll explain after the break ...

Here's the other BOOM! booth. The first one, in the Mark Waid picture, is in the Consumer Products area of the show, where you can walk around and view all the various licensed products that Disney does. Everything from comic books to toys by Mattel to these huge $6000 playhouses based on locales from the Jungle Book and Cinderella and the like can be found here, but apparently nothing is actually being sold. If you walk past the Radio Disney booth (where you can hear the Jonas Brothers every other song) you'll find a section called the Collector's Forum, where the second booth sits among various retailers selling things like classic movie posters, Disney artwork, movie cels ... and BOOM! selling comics and trades of their Disney comics.

Above are two Cars cars on display in a huge interactive exhibit they have set up to show off upcoming enhancements to their theme parks. The California Adventure park right here in Anaheim is going to get a new area with a Cars theme that will include several new rides. They had models set up of the area, due in either 2011 or 2012, along with Imagineers (the folks who develop the rides) who were on hand to explain them. The area also had models of new attractions coming to Hong Kong Disneyland that looked really killer, as well as a new resort they're building in Hawaii (which, just to be clear, wasn't a theme park; it looked more like a giant hotel crossed with a water park).

They also had that roving animatronic dinosaur thing available for pictures:

I've seen it at California Adventure before; it's both creepy and cool.

And then they have something called Lost University, based of course on the ABC show Lost, as well as props from the show that'll be auctioned off next year. The LU stuff was all on the computer and I never sat down to check it out.

It was an interesting day; the show's not crowded by any stretch of the imagination (well, unless you want to buy something at the Disney Dreamstore before 9 a.m. ... the checkout line was at least 30 minutes, according to one employee) and it's easy to walk around and look at stuff. The movie panel was pretty packed, but wasn't quite standing room only, and getting in was a breeze. Getting out was kind of a pain, as everyone had to retrieve their checked cell phones and cameras at the same time, but that moved relatively well, all things considered. I have to wonder, though, if because this is the first year and no one really knew what to expect, if having Johnny Depp and John Travolta and other big stars pop in for panels will cause an uptick in the crowds next year.

More tomorrow if I get a chance ...

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