D23: "Big Hero 6" Joins the Fight in "Kingdom Hearts III"

During Disney's video game presentation at last weekend's D23 Expo, "Kingdom Hearts III" producer Shinji Hashimoto announced that Square Enix's highly anticipated role-playing game will feature a world inspired by the movie "Big Hero 6."

To illustrate, Hashimoto shared a piece of concept art which had Sora on the back of Baymax as they prepared to fight a giant robot, followed by a real-life Baymax -- or an actor in a suit -- waddling out onto the stage.

"Big Hero 6" producer Roy Conli was not in attendance at the panel, but he did participate via a pre-taped video, explaining that San Fransokyo -- post-events in the BH6 film -- would be home to a new adventure in the game.

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