X-Force #1 Reveals Cyclops' First Mission Since Retiring from the Dead

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for X-Force #1, from Ed Brisson, Juan Ramirez, Brian Reber and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

One of Marvel's biggest moments of 2018 came late in the year with the return of Scott Summers, aka the X-Man known as Cyclops. It's been known for some time the controversial hero would be coming back after Terrigen poisoning killed him in 2016's Death of X, but few expected him to be working with Kid Cable at the end of Extermination.

With the original X-Force reuniting to hunt Kid Cable for killing the older version of himself in that event, their journey leads them to some sinister soldiers. This in turn, leads to the revelation of Cyclops' first mission now that he's back in action.

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X-Force #1 opens with Cannonball, Domino, Shatterstar and Warpath cutting through a swath of mercenaries in a warehouse in Queens, New York. The X-team makes sure no one's killed in the process, though, because their main goal is to attain information on clandestine meetings the villains have been having with Kid Cable.

They're shocked to find out they've actually stumbled onto a global arms operation that endangers mutants once more; the dealers are selling to the European nation of Transia, arming its Commandant Constantin in order to kill mutants there, as well as around the world. When they find out Kid Cable has been holding meetings as a potential buyer, the head of the operation reveals the young mutant has a partner -- a "stiff-looking American," to be more specific.

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It may be a vague description, but it fits Cyclops, and seeing as Extermination revealed Kid Cable and his dad were partners, it's easy to put together the pieces. As for their mission, well, after a big firefight in Transia, Kid Cable and Deathlok (whom he planted there to suss out extra info) are apprehended by X-Force. The young Nathan Summers divulges that the weapons he's been "buying" have been stolen from his timeline in the futurea. What's worse, the nations purchasing the munitions are pretending to offer safe haven to mutants while secretly using the weapons to murder them and dwindle the mutant population once more. That's why he and Cyclops have been posing as human soldiers, and tracking the source of the original seller of these W.M.D.'s from across the timestream.

Between Constantin launching a coup and taking over Transia to now make it a full-fledged mutant-hating nation and X-Force's Boom Boom accidentally killing the dealers in Queens, Kid Cable's job just got a lot harder. It's worth noting we didn't see Scott in the flesh in this issue, but it's very obvious he's running point and devising the strategy for this young, inexperienced Nathan Summers.

It remains to be seen what other missions Cyclops has on his plate; we know he's slated to team up with Wolverine, and also factor into the upcoming and oh-so ominously titled "Devastation" arc. This arms race may very well tie into the latter, but we're eager to see how Scott also addresses past transgressions and rebuilds the trust he once engendered. He went to war with the Avengers in Avengers vs. X-Men, he killed Professor Xavier (who's now returned to life as well) after getting ahold of the Phoenix Force, his death lead to mutants and Inhumans warring, plus Jean Grey and Emma Frost are back in action -- all things which could complicate things for this reborn Cyclops.

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However, while we're looking for resolution to all these issues, you have to consider that Scott might really be a changed man, one simply looking to press forward in life, and leave all his transgressions in the past. But for now, he's preoccupied with bigger issues. He's a man on a mission with Kid Cable and the boy isn't just some random soldier or protege; he's Cyclops' saving grace and path to redemption at a time when mutants once again have so many threats looming overhead.

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