Cyclops' Fate, Mutant/Inhumans War Revealed in Marvel's "Death of X"

Continuing its steady stream of new series reveals, Marvel Comics has announced a new X-Men series -- "Death of X."

Announced via EW, the four-issue series comes from writers Charles Soule and Jeff Lemire and artist Aaron Kuder and will answer a question X-Fans have been asking for months: What happened during the 8-month gap after "Secret Wars"? All that's known so far is that Cyclops was involved in a massive war with the Inhumans -- a war that cost him his life and reputation.

"We'll definitely see some characters who have been missing in action since the series launch," Lemire told EW. "We'll answer the question of where certain mutants have been, and what's happened to them. Cyclops is the big one, he's the one we've said was dead and that's all we've really said. His death was very controversial, so obviously that'll be a big part of the story we're telling here"

"Death of X" was first announced in March, when Marvel debuted an enigmatic teaser image with a Fall 2016 date. The new artwork, featuring a screaming Cyclops against a background of mutants and Inhumans, incorporates the original's "Death of X" logo into its design.

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The event's name has already inspired a month of "Death of X"-themed variant covers from Marvel; throughout July, art depicting the final moments of 20 different mutants will grace the covers of Marvel's releases.

"Death of X" arrives in October.

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