X-Men: 15 Things That Make No Sense About Cyclops And Jean Grey’s Relationship

One of the most well-known couples in Marvel Comics has to be Jean Grey and Cyclops. While the likes of Wolverine have gotten in the way of this, there is a clear connection Scott and Jean have. It's uncertain what that connection is, however. Seriously, just check out their relationship and how it stacks up compared to others. We can understand certain couples like Lois Lane and Superman or Reed Richards and Sue Storm. It's hard to see this with Scott and Jean, other than the fact that they grew up together at the Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters. This is ultimately what connects them at the end of the day, their love of the X-Men and helping others.

However, this does not remain in play the entire time for either Scott or Jean. In fact, both people go away from the "helping others" ideal a number of times while they're technically still together. We felt the best thing we needed to do to prove our problems with this relationship have merit is, well, highlight the troubles. We won't be petty, as this will show clear problems presented. We'll go over problems both people face individually that make them questionable lovers for anyone, especially each other. We'll highlight couples problems they've had combined with some problems that neither can escape, no matter how powerful they become.


We have all seen the tv trope: the high school cheerleader and the jock fall in love, get married, and end up either being happy or hating each other. In this case, it's the latter.

Cyclops and Jean started out great, but they grow to be miserable with each other; however, neither can walk away because it's too deep. So they stay in a loveless marriage, if only for their child. They may even add more because they did not learn their lesson the first time. Cyclops and Grey seem to be all about the team and this team focus seems to be the kid in their relationship. It keeps the spark, but it isn't enough to keep them together... or at least, it shouldn't have been.


When Wolverine comes along, Jean feels as though he brings something new to her life. He gives her a purpose. She does not want to fix him, or change him, but she enjoys the air of mystery that surrounds him. He is basically different in every way to Scott.

Due to Grey's need for something new and different from Cyclops, the mysterious Wolverine gives her this really new feeling that she hasn't had before. Could it be that a new man was able to give her what Scott couldn't or was it this one in particular? It seems to clearly be Logan that does this.


Cyclops becomes the leader of the X-Men despite several other candidates also being equipped to lead. If anything, he'd have an ego or be celebratory about all of this. However, he was a constant drag.

In fact, he often moped around or complained in every single issue. It did not matter what it was, everything he said would come off a bit whiny. This is a far off change from Grey, who was a complete opposite. She was upbeat and considered to be the life of the X-Men. Some even called her the heart and soul of the team, which is why her demise came as a big surprise to fans. So how do two opposites in critical areas make any real sense?


Rachel Summers

Grey comes off, to most, as a motherly type. In fact, her instincts to take care of the X-Men through so much and nurse so many back to health proves this. She even expresses that she wants to have a family of her own. Despite not even being her own, she even accepts Nathan Summers (Cable) as her child

However, when it comes to her daughter, there is a clear issue. Rachel Summers' existence was not easy for Jean to accept. Rachel goes back in time, and like her mother, she has The Phoenix Force within her. No matter what retcon version we see from Rachel, it appears Jean Grey cannot accept her future daughter. Despite this fact, she will one day control the most powerful force in the universe.


One of the most important things about this relationship is that despite Jean Grey controlling one of the most powerful forces to ever exist within her and despite being nearly an Omega-Powered mutant without it, she is not the leader. Scott is the leader of the X-Men, which means they listen and do what he says. However, due to the fact that Jean is his girlfriend or wife (depending on the story), they disagree on how they want to handle things.

Her frustrations with Scott are what led to their marriage having trouble to begin with. Jean even ends up kissing Logan, and then tells him it's a mistake and that she was just frustrated with Scott. Poor Logan.


Jean Grey Depowered

Jean Grey passes away several times in the X-Men comics and it makes sense each time. There are several ways she passes but she also comes back. The Phoenix Force living within Jean was what seemed to truly desire life and the ability to live it. She was the true side of Jean that was withheld for so long.

This version of the force was only able to know or feel what Jean knew or felt. This is simple, so when Grey says or does stuff with Wolverine, there is a clear situation where it's Phoenix that is doing what Grey may not be able to, though she clearly wants to. Either way, the Phoenix clearly wants to live more than Jean does.


Phoenix Force Jean Grey

One very popular fan theory is that Jean Grey is only with Scott Summers due to The Phoenix Force that lives within her. The Phoenix is drawn to power, as it is literally a living cosmic force on its own. It knows that Scott possesses a grand power of optic blasts and so, of course, would be drawn from that.

When Cyclops goes full power, there's very little he could not rip through. The theory is that Phoenix gets close to Cyclops so she can either destroy him, or use his powers to destroy itself. The Phoenix is a force that would want to absorb the powers of Cyclops in order to become an even more powerful force of nature.


Madelyne Pryor Inferno

It's almost sick how fast Scott moves on from Jean after every single one of her deaths in the X-Men comics. It's almost literally the next issue when Cyclops is seen on the town, trying to get a new woman. He's shacking up with a blonde in one area and a redhead in the other.

Overall, the biggest sin of them all might very well be the incident with Madelyne Pryor. She is a Jean Grey clone who is similar to Jean in every way, especially in looks. This clone is not similar, to the exact, in powers of course. She does not possess all the same memories, but this is a clear clone and Scott knows it. One would assume that this would be a bit weird to Scott. He'd realize it was not the real thing but a fake. Nothing suspicious here. When the real Jean comes back, he leaves Pryor high and dry.


Mr. Sinister seemed to always know that a future child of Jean Grey and Cyclops would be a huge help for him. It could be manipulated and made into a weapon. Did he manipulate the relationship with the two of them, since he knew he could use their child? It seems possible. Sinister is also the one who cloned Jean, in order to bring Cable into existence.

Cable is nearly converted by Sinister before it's put to a stop and he goes on to become a great hero. Still, fans must remember that Mr. Sinister has the ability to manipulate his body at a molecular level, and has telepathic powers as well. So could it be that he had some role in the Cyclops/Jean Grey partnership? It's very possible.


Cyclops was known to be flirtatious with several women during his time in the comics. This is something we'd overlook completely if he was not with someone. However, he's like this even when he's with Jean Grey. It is possible that his thoughts outweigh what he can control.

He'd noticeably look at other women in a certain kind of way, despite being with Jean. Jean could know what Scott thought at any time; he knew this, and yet still did this around her. It's possible Psylocke is the most compelling person to bring up regarding this. Using telepathy and telekinesis, similar to Jean, she could read Scott's thoughts. She often tried to seduce the guy too, and heard his not so innocent ideas regarding her.


We've seen Jean Grey pass to the great beyond many times in the comics. It should come as no surprise that if Cyclops can move on so quickly to another woman, he never really had a big connection to Grey. However, somehow each and every single time she comes back, he runs to her.

Much of this has to do with a direct result of The Phoenix Force, which is able to bring her back. Maybe once or twice we can understand Scott moving on. However, after a third passing, it seems unlikely she will not be back. He moves on quickly, but goes back to her even faster. It's kind of toxic, but neither of them seem to care very much.


Jean and Cyclops Mind Link

Before Scott even had a chance to ask the question, Jean turned him down. She knew he was thinking about asking, thanks to her telepathy. She had entered his mind, which she said she would not do, and then told him not to ask. The question is, why would she enter his mind to begin with?

To top it off, what was she thinking by telling him not to ask? Why would she be with a guy that she refused to marry for so long? While they did get married later on, she stopped him several times for understandable reasons, the Phoenix Force being a part of the problem. So why be with Cyclops at all?


Jean Grey has obviously been known for her bad motherly ways, but Scott takes things to an entirely new level. He's constantly known to be a terrible husband. One of the first ways we know this is his connection to Pryor. Although she was a clone of Jean, she was a real person, too. Yet, when Scott hears of Jean being alive, he jumps back to her and leaves his other relationship.

As addressed before, he attempts to end his own son Nathan (Cable) without much thought. His issues with future troubles aside, his marriage to Jean was a constant problem. Not only were they disagreeing on a lot of things, but neither seemed to be willing to fight and keep the relationship alive.


Jean Grey as Phoenix

Fans always wondered why Scott allowed Jean to use his powers on her. He could never have any secrets from her, nor could anyone. She violated his trust, but that was not her only issue. She once outed Bobby Drake, and forced him out of the closet.

Jean exposed this to him by entering his mind and finding out, confronting him with the information. She constantly entered the minds of her friends and other mutants without permission. She even lied and said she didn't. So how could Scott be okay with being with someone who would so willingly lie to their friends about invading their personal thoughts?


Perhaps Jean Grey's biggest rival -- both personally and professionally -- is, was and always will be Emma Frost. So it was pretty jarring when Scott and Emma hooked up while he and Jean Grey were married!

The two had telepathic "relations," if you will, behind Jean's back. Ironically, Scott originally met with Emma for therapy. However, Scott was a willing participant in the whole affair, and seems to be the one encouraging it because he felt his relationship with Jean had grown stale. On the plus side, this led to what many fans felt was a far more satisfying relationship in Emma and Scott; but that's a whole other list!

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