Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Reveals What He Wants In His Solo Movie

Cyborg in Justice League

Although a Cyborg solo film is planned for 2020, there's no indication progress has been made on the project since Justice League failed at the box office, potentially losing Warner Bros. between $50 and $100 million and spurring a restructuring effort from the studio. However, star Ray Fisher knows what he'd like to see in the movie.

Speaking at Celebrity Fan Fest in San Antonio, Texas, Fisher talked about what he'd like to see in the movie, saying, "I think there's some repairing that has to take place between Cyborg and his father, in that relationship. I think there's also a lot of ground to explore how much technology is too much technology for humanity, and how fast technology is evolving, and the role Cyborg could play in potentially mitigating the issues that come about because of that."

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"I mean, you're dealing with a character that can, with a thought, launch all the nuclear devices on the planet," he continued. "You're dealing with a character that could shut down every electronic device known to man. Like, that's a pretty big power in this day and age, and if there was a person who was like, 'Hey listen, I wanna try to hijack Cyborg's technology,' that'd be a big problem. So I think something along those lines."

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"I think the possibilities are really endless about where you could go," he added. " I think in Justice League we see a Cyborg who is fighting against the machine, and I would like to see what it would be like if he becomes so comfortable with himself that he actually gives in too much to the machine side, where he's like, 'You know what? I'm going to embrace this wholeheartedly.' And it actually ends up being too much so. There's really no end to the kinds of stories you could tell about a character like this, particularly because his technology is evolving, like our technology is evolving. Every year we get new updated phones and TVs..."

Fisher also revealed he'd like a director with a story to tell about Cyborg "with a great eye for... sci-fi." However, don't take this as confirmation the movie is definitely happening, as Fisher remarked such decisions were above his "paygrade." Fisher is optimistic he'll return, though, saying, "I don't think my time is over yet."

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At this time, it's unclear when the Cyborg solo film will release.

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