Cyberosia works Overtime this January

SOMERVILLE, MA - Publisher Scott O. Brown announced today that Cyberosia Publishing's newest graphic novel, OVERTIME, is available in the November PREVIEWS. OVERTIME, written by Marc Bryant with art by Mal Jones, is a science fiction/crime drama that mixes the best of LAW & ORDER and SOYLENT GREEN to create a unique vision of the future where no ones dies, and having children is considered the ultimate crime.

Writer Marc Bryant describes OVERTIME as "a crime story for people who don't usually like crime stories. It's science fiction, for those who might not care for sci-fi. It's a self-contained graphic novel with no baggage that was created to appeal to the comics community and casual readers alike. Imagine an overpopulated world where the ultimate crime is procreation. Our protagonist, Nativity Detective DeSoto must track the parents of a mysterious newborn. But it's not as easy as it may seem, and DeSoto finds herself questioning not only society, but also her own instincts as a human and a woman."

"I took a different approach to OVERTIME than I would have many other books," says artist Mal Jones. "Marc's story (and infinite patience) allowed me to introduce my fine art training in to the comic page, something that few other stories (or writers!) would allow me to even think about doing. To draw OVERTIME was fantastic, and working with Marc and Cyberosia has been a great experience."

Publisher Scott O. Brown continued: "Mal mixes a variety of grey wash and digital effects, giving his art a unique depth and feel that makes him a perfect fit for Marc's story. You can expect to see more from both of them in the near future."

A thirteen page preview of OVERTIME is available for download from: http://www.cyberosia.com/OTpreview.pdf

OVERTIME, a 76 page original graphic novel with a full color cover by Brian Wood (CHANNEL ZERO, COUSCOUS EXPRESS), is available in the November PREVIEWS catalogue from Diamond Comic Distributors, order code: NOV012303, ISBN 0-9709474-2-9.

Cyberosia Publishing publishes acute horror, science fiction, and mainstream literary graphic novels whose titles include FRIGHTENING CURVES, APORIATICA, OVERTIME, and POPIMAGE Vol. 1. Cyberosia's titles are available through Diamond Comic Distributors, FM International, and Amazon.com. For more information, visit www.cyberosia.com or email publisher Scott O. Brown at scott@cyberosia.com.

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