Cyberosia to publish Lea Hernandez's 'Cathedral Child' and 'Clockwork Angels'

Official Press Release

SOMERVILLE, MA - February 12, 2002 - Cyberosia Publishing is pleased to announce the addition of Lea Hernandez's "Texas Steampunk" series to Cyberosia's rapidly expanding line of graphic novels.

"CATHEDRAL CHILD and CLOCKWORK ANGELS come at you from angles rarelyexplored by most comics from the past ten years," said Scott O. Brown,Publisher for Cyberosia. "Lea's plots are riveting, and her characterslive and breathe like real people living in a fantastic world full ofsteam-driven computers, mystical beings, and jackalopes. We're proud tobe bringing these books back into print and as well as providing Lea ahome for future books in the 'Texas Steampunk' series."

"I think Cyberosia's the next Big Thing in comics publishing. Whodoesn't want to be on that ride? Who wouldn't want their work at acompany that's obviously on its way up?" commented Lea on her decisionto bring her books to Cyberosia. "The deciding factor was somethinganyone doing graphic novels should consider: does the company I want tobe with have bookstore distribution? I have had a great deal of successin comics specialty shops, but when I kept hearing that my work fallssquarely into the fastest growing segment of bookstore graphic novelsales, I wanted to be there. I knew my books would be in good hands whenI was trying to think of a way to ask Scott if I could have film forabout ten percent of each book re-shot and corrected. But before I couldask, Scott asked me how I felt about digital. And better paper. Hereally twisted my arm. I'm excited about these new editions of CATHEDRALand CLOCKWORK because I feel like they'll finally do the artworkjustice."

CATHEDRAL CHILD, the first in the 'Texas Steampunk' series of graphicnovels, will be available this June, followed by CLOCKWORK ANGELS in thefall. They will retain their original cover price of $10.95 withupgraded paper and digitally transfered art. 2003 sees the release ofthe third book, IRONCLAD PEDAL, which will be serialized online atModernTales.com in the coming months.

Cyberosia is an independent publisher of literary graphic novels of allstyles and genres. Based in Massachusetts, Cyberosia is dedicated tomaking intelligent, challenging graphic novels that push the boundariesof the medium. Cyberosia's books are distributed to the Trade by BiblioDistribution, a division of the National Book Network, Inc.,800-462-6420, and to comic stores by Diamond Comic Distributors and FMInternational. For more information, visit www.cyberosia.com.

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