Cyberosia to publish european epic 'Dead.Line:Spiritus Sancti'

Official Press Release

SOMERVILLE, MA - Cyberosia Publishing announced today thatthis August they will release the first full color volume of DEAD.LINE:Spiritus Sancti. Written by celebrated Hungarian novelist Zoltan Gécziand drawn by Illustrator of the Future award winner Csaba Olajos,DEAD.LINE: Spiritus Sancti is a brutally dark and violent vision of afuture that disturbingly mirrors our own.

"When we released the black and white preview on Free Comic Book Day togive readers a taste of DEAD.LINE, the response was immensely positive,"said publisher Scott O. Brown. "For those who missed the preview,DEAD.LINE is the story of three men who are hired to recover apotentially volatile artificial intelligence and end up fighting fortheir survival in the decadent, irradiated wasteland that is the futureof Europe. One part speculative fiction, one part Greek tragedy, and onepart morality play, DEAD.LINE is dark science fiction in the grandtradition of the European masters-a story that is epic, tragic, andpoetic in ways only possible in comics."

Author Zoltan Géczi describes DEAD.LINE as "a piece of fiction, which wecreated with great care and attention to detail. We are presenting apossible version of the future. It is a warning: hey, humans, step backand take a look on the world you are creating. Just look at the weirdheritage you are handing over to your own children."

"DEAD.LINE is influenced by facts and fears, basically," continuedZoltan. "Sounds and visions, suspense and suspicions. This is thepresent situation: while science constantly bursts out new technology,most people can't even fix a broken power switch in their own house. Wecan never be suspicious enough. DEAD.LINE is our Ground Zero. We've hitthe playground we always wanted to play in -- this is a great thrill forus, but also a great responsibility at the same time."

"When I first saw their work online, I knew that Zoltan and Csaba werecomics visionaries," continued Scott. "They draw on the strongest ofliterary traditions, and Csaba's beautifully monochromed art issomething amazing to behold. Comics readers looking for somethingintelligent and riveting will be pleasantly surprised by this amazingwork."

The first volume of DEAD.LINE: Spiritus Sancti is a fully painted, 112page graphic novel, and will retail for $15.95 (Order Code: JUN02 2212,ISBN 0-9709474-6-1). A black and white preview of the first twenty-twopages was released on Free Comic Book Day and is available online infull color for anyone who missed it at http://www.cyberosia.com/DLSS.PDF

More information on Zoltan Géczi, Csaba Olajos, and DEAD.LINE can befound online at http://www.deadonline.ch

Cyberosia Publishing is an independent publisher of high quality graphicnovels and comics related books. Cyberosia's books are distributed tothe Trade by Biblio Distribution, a division of National Book Network,Inc. (800-462-6420), and are available to the specialty market throughDiamond Comic Distributors and FM International. For more information,visit http://www.cyberosia.com or email publisher Scott O. Brown atscott@cyberosia.com.

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