Cyberosia to publish '2020 Visions' collection

Official Press Release

SOMERVILLE, MA ­ January 24, 2004. Cyberosia Publishing officiallyannounced today that it is reprinting Jamie Delano's (Hellblazer, OutlawNation) 2020 VISIONS in an all-new hardcover edition.

"I've read 1984 and Brave New World, and I put 2020 VISIONS right therenext to them," said publisher Scott O. Brown. "Add the work of fourfantastic artists to the riveting story, and you have an epic of depthand passion that truly deserves to be called a graphic novel."

Originally published by DC/Vertigo, 2020 VISIONS is Jamie Delano's tourde force. Broken into four chapters illustrated by Frank Quitely (NewX-Men), Warren Pleece (True Faith, American Century), James Romberger(Seven Miles a Second), and Steve Pugh (Vampirella/Witchblade), 2020VISIONS follows a disjointed family trying to get by in the sociallydecayed and morally decadent United States of 2020.

Jamie Delano calls his stories "human dramas, set in a post-MillennialAmerican landscape shaped by my own politics and prejudice, hallucinatedby my artistic collaborators. They're about fear, murder, sex, hatredand love...the things that people do. Because, however radically ourtechnologies and cultures change, people still make the best stories."

2020 VISIONS, a black and white, 296 page hardcover graphic novel withan introduction by science fiction and comics author Richard Kadrey,will be available this April. It will retail for $29.95 and is availableto preorder from your local comics retailer with Diamond Order CodeFEB04 2271. Visit http://www.cyberosia.com for a free pdf preview of thebook.

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