Cyberosia to collect Steven Grant's 'Damned'

Official Press Release

[Damned]SOMERVILLE, MA ­ April 20, 2003. Cyberosia Publishing officiallyannounced today that DAMNED, the cult classic tale of honor, temptation,and betrayal among thieves and killers by writer Steven Grant and artistMike Zeck will be collected this summer.

"We wanted to cut loose with something that didn't have to pay lipservice to superheroes," said Grant, "and do a totally character-drivencrime story capable of any twist or turn. It's Mike's tour-de-force,and though we've discussed a trade paperback edition with othercompanies, we wanted the exacting production values that only Cyberosiadelivers."

"DAMNED is one of, if not the best crime comic of the past ten years. Itis unabashedly violent, brutal, and riveting, crammed full of theunexpected," said publisher Scott O. Brown. "When it comes to crimecomics, Grant and Zeck rose the bar. I'm proud to be adding DAMNED toour growing library of high-quality graphic novels."

DAMNED, a full-color, 112 page trade paperback, will be available thisAugust and will retail for $19.95. In addition to collecting theoriginal mini-series for the first time, the book will also have a newcover and a six-page coda done specially for this volume, as well asbehind-the-scenes material from the creators.

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