Cyberosia Publishing announces the return of the pulp novel in Frightening Curves

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[Frightening Curves]SOMERVILLE, MA - June 28, 2001 - Cyberosia Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Antony Johnston and Aman Chaudhary's illustrated novel FRIGHTENING CURVES. Finally completing the story originally serialized on OPi8.com, FRIGHTENING CURVES is a 128 page novel with over 40 pages of new, full color paintings by hot young artist Aman Chaudhary created especially for the print edition.

"FRIGHTENING CURVES follows the tradition of the old pulp stories that used to appear in WEIRD TALES and ADVENTURE," says publisher Scott O. Brown. "Aman's beautifully rendered illustrations lavishly embellish Antony's hard-hitting prose. We've raised the standard and brought the pulp novel into the 21st century."

London-based author Antony Johnston says about the book: "FRIGHTENING CURVES is a street-hard story in the best British style of GET CARTER and SNATCH: gun-fighting action, scummy London streets, East End gangsters, and as a twist we've thrown in a healthy dose of surrealist magic. But there's a softer, more personal side, too. Phil, our hero, is racked with doubt, and his personal issues are very much at the fore."

"The story is a puzzle, reflecting Phil's confusion over what is real and what isn't. As Phil pieces the clues together toward a greater understanding of his reality, so does the reader. Reality is the heart of the book-the idea that Reality Is What We Make It. We each live a world apart from everyone else, and when those worlds collide... Well, that's when interesting things happen."

Illustrator Aman Chaudhary reminisces, "It's the return of the pulp novel! Remember how much fun it was reading storybooks with pictures in them as a kid. And when you graduated to adult books, part of you always wished the books and novels you read still had pictures in them besides the cover. Well here you go." Aman continued by saying, "I took a non-literal approach to the illustrations by letting the text 'inspire' them rather than simply depicting what happens in the story. This resulted in a synergy between the writing and the art as each began to influence the other the longer we worked on the project."

"It takes a young, fearless company to publish something like FRIGHTENING CURVES," says Johnston. "I'm delighted that Cyberosia were the people who took that step. This book will raise the bar for what people should expect from independent publishers."

FRIGHTENING CURVES will be on sale for a limited time at this year's Comic-con International in San Diego, and is available in the July PREVIEWS catalogue from Diamond Comic Distributors on page 329, order code: JUL012446.

Cyberosia Publishing publishes acute horror, science fiction, and mainstream graphic novels. For more information, visit www.cyberosia.com or email publisher Scott O. Brown at scott@cyberosia.com.

Source: Cyberosia Publishing

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