Cyberosia Publishing announces the release of Marcel Guldemond's "Aporiatica"

Official Press Release

[Aporiatica]SOMERVILLE, MA - Cyberosia Publishing is pleased to announce the release of Marcel Guldemond's APORIATICA. In addition to bringing Marcel's Xeric winning story "Under a Slowly Spinning Sun" back into print, APORIATICA contains over 60 pages of never before seen material in addition to original writings and excerpts from his sketchbook.

"It's very exciting to bring Marcel stories to a larger audience," says publisher Scott O. Brown. "He is an innovative, intelligent storyteller who stands unique against his peers."

"My curiosity was piqued when Scott McCloud and Dave Sim came out to vocally support Marcel in his early endeavors. And when I read "Spinning Sun", I realized they were right. There is something special about Marcel's work. Marcel takes comics into rarely explored territory and makes us question life, death, and the world around us from an intellectual angle rarely seen in the medium."

Originally self-published through his Aporia Press, Marcel elaborates: "APORIATICA is a collection of my older short stories, some drawings, and some writings. I went back through almost everything that I've done over the last ten years and distilled it down to this collection. While most of the work in the book is not new, most of it has never been published before. I'm excited about getting it out in a format that isn't made of photocopy paper where the toner rubs off all over your hands and before you know it it's one big black smudge."

APORIATICA, with an introduction by Nick Craine (DANCE ME OUTSIDE, PORTRAIT OF A THOUSAND PUNKS) retails for $12.95 USD and will debut at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland this September. It is available in the August PREVIEWS catalogue from Diamond Comic Distributors, order code: AUG011925, ISBN 0-9709474-1-0.

Cyberosia Publishing publishes acute horror, science fiction, and mainstream literary graphic novels.

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