Cyberosia brings Spanish comics to the U.S.

Official Press Release

[Gei Debut]SOMERVILLE, MA ­ Cyberosia Publishing has reached anagreement with Spanish publisher Alecta/Recerca to bring comics producedin Spain to the Direct Market.

For many years, Spanish artists have been working on US comics, and theystill do, often with outstanding results. Now readers in the US willhave the chance to enjoy titles produced entirely in Spain in both theEnglish and the original Spanish language editions.

"It's an honor to work with Alecta/Recerca," said Cyberosia publisherScott O. Brown. "They produce some of Spain's most cutting edge comics,and I'm excited to bring their books to a wider audience."

The new line of comics will feature a new release every month:

First up in May is GEI, a bimonthly, full color series written andcreated by Recerca frontman Xavier Morell with pencils by Felix Ruiz.GEI is about a team of freaks and weirdoes dealing with threats from theunknown. It's in the tradition of old-school Vertigo books but with anEuropean flair. It can be ordered in the March Previews Catalogue. GEIwill be available in both Spanish and English versions.

[Probabilities]Following in June is PROBABILITIES, a psychological horror story byMarcos Prados & Olga Carmona Peral, in which a young woman gets morethan she bargained for when she discovers that her roommate's boyfriendis really a monster.

More titles will be announced in the coming months.

Alecta/Recerca is an independent publisher located in Spain specializingin Spanish releases of fine comics from around the world, as well asproducing a line of in-house comics by some of the most talented artistsin Spain. For more information, visit www.recerca.org or email publisherXavier Morell at recerca@recerca.org.

Cyberosia Publishing is an independent publisher of high-quality graphicnovels and comics related books. Cyberosia's books are available to thespecialty market through Diamond Comic Distributors, Cold CutDistribution, and FM International. For more information, visithttp://www.cyberosia.com.

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