Cyberosia announces publication of 'Second Soul'

Official Press Release

[Second Soul]SOMERVILLE, MA ­ July 9th, 2003. Cyberosia Publishing is pleased toannounce that SECOND SOUL, the debut work of Cyberosia's ownwriter/publisher Scott O. Brown, will be released this September.Available for preorder in this month's Previews, the sci-fi thriller hasart by newcomer Amin Amat with inks by Drew Gilbert of ROSEMARY'SBACKPACK.

SECOND SOUL is the story of a musician who was at the top of his careerlooking for the truth behind his death and subsequent resurrection atthe hands of his record company. But that truth reveals a conspiracyreaching closer to home than he could possibly imagine.

"I felt it was high time I put my own work out there," says publisherand writer Scott O. Brown. "I've always had a love of near futurescience fiction like the stories of Philip K. Dick and Bruce Sterling.SECOND SOUL is my foray into the genre. Amin did a fantastic job ofrealizing the art. I consider myself lucky to be working with both himand Drew."

SECOND SOUL, a black and white, 88 page, original graphic novel, retailsfor $10.95 and is available in this month's Previews from Diamond ComicDistributors, order code JUL03 2144.

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