"Cyberforce" Paperback Hits in January

Official Press Release

The Cyberforce Volume 1 trade paperback will hit stores on January 10, collecting the hard-to-find Cyberforce #0 by writer David Wohl and artist Marc Silvestri, along with all six issues of Cyberforce (vol. 2) from writer Ron Marz and artist Pat Lee. In addition, a brand new story by Marz and Lee will grace this 208-page volume. The Cyberforce Volume 1 trade paperback will carry a cover price of $14.99.

"I've had a great time bringing back Cyberforce," said writer Ron Marz. " This first arc served as a way to get the team back together and explore everyone's true origins. The story should be completely accessible to anyone who read Cyberforce when it was first introduced, as well as someone who's never even looked at a Cyberforce issue."

"Cyberforce is the original Top Cow property and holds a special place in our hearts," said Top Cow VP of Sales and Marketing Filip Sablik. "The entire creative team did an incredible job revitalizing the team and setting it up for a new set of adventures. With Cyberforce's 15th Anniversary this year, you know we'll have some cool new stories coming up."

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