Cyber Monday sales-o-rama

Thanksgiving '09 is only a memory, Black Friday has come and gone, and here we are at Cyber Monday, which depending upon whom you ask is either the year's biggest sales day for online retailers or a wonderful marketing gimmick for same. And sure enough, comics publishers and retailers are getting in on the act with one-day-only deals.

On the superhero-y end of things, Marvel is offering 30% off annual Digital Comics Unlimited subscriptions today only to those who enter the promo code CYBER09. Over in indie-land, Fantagraphics has similarly discounted nearly all its 2009 releases -- over 75 titles in all. And of course retailers like Midtown Comics are offering major discounts in honor of the holiday and its attendant shopping sprees.

My advice to you would be to consult Tom Spurgeon's epic Black Friday Shopper's Guide -- a deliciously deep annual advice column for comics-interested holiday shoppers, featuring tips on fully 100 books and bargains both off- and on-line -- and get cracking!

I'd also advise you to share any sales or deals you've spotted with your fellow shoppers in the comments ...

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