CW's Charmed and Lost Boys Reboots Pushed Back Another Year

If you're a television viewer craving CW-style teen dramedies rebooted from old properties, your very specific tastes are about to be disappointed.

Development on the previously announced "Charmed" and "Lost Boys" series have been bumped backed a season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Both shows are being helmed by producers in the CW family.

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A "Charmed" reboot has long been in production limbo, but regained new footing this year.  The re-imagining is produced by "Jane the Virgin's" Jennie Snyder Urman, who ended up needing more time finishing her showrunning duties for the Gina Rodriguez dramedy before furthering development on the project. The new "Charmed" will differ from the original 1998-2006 series in several ways -- namely, it will take place in the year 1976.

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Meanwhile the "Lost Boys" series -- inspired by the 1987 vampire film of the same name -- is, appropriately, being produced by "iZombie" creator Rob Thomas. The new "Lost Boys" already has its own bold vision -- working as sort of an anthology series, set to tell its stories over the course of seven seasons, with each taking place in a different decade. The titular vampires will remain the one constant.

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