The CW's Lost Boys Gets Familiar Sounding First Synopsis

In addition to its upcoming slate of new series, The CW is planning to revamp 1987 teen vampire film The Lost Boys. Although there are few details about the show right now, a new synopsis teases that it might not depart too far off from the original film.

Released by Production Weekly, the outline for the series reads:

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After 25 years away from home, Lucy Emerson (who is at the end of her financial rope) returns home to the small California beach town of Santa Carla, to live with her father Frank and teach at the local high school. But Lucy either doesn't know or doesn't share the town's big secret with her two sons, Michael and Sam: Santa Carla has a nest of vampires secreted inside the city limits, and they are getting hungrier by the day.

An adaptation of Joel Schumacher's 1987 horror movie of the same name, the pilot was written by Heather Mitchell (Scandal) and executive produced by Rob Thomas (iZombie) with Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight) attached to direct. Development on the adaptation had been greenlit in 2016 by The CW, but the pilot was pushed back the following year by the network for undisclosed reasons. So far, Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey has been cast as Michael, one of the two brothers. Otherwise, it's unknown who else will star in the show at this time.

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