CW Teases Batwoman's Arrival in 'Heroes and Villains' Sizzle Reel

The CW lays the groundwork for the introduction of Batwoman into the Arrowverse this fall with a new promo showcasing the network's many DC superheroes and villains.

Clocking in at more than two minutes, the sizzle reel spotlights everyone from Supergirl and Black Lightning to The Thinker and Gorilla Grodd, building toward the Flash-Signal. At that point, the video shifts to a teaser for Batwoman, cleverly lifting appropriate dialogue from previous seasons, and using comic book-style captions and illustrations by J.H. Williams III to trumpet the rise of a new hero.

The video arrives on the eve of the Arrowverse Hall H presentations at Comic-Con International, and mere days after it was announced a Batwoman television series is in the works from Greg Berlanti and The Vampire Diaries veteran Caroline Dries. It was revealed in May that the DC vigilante will be introduced in December as part of the annual Arrowverse crossover, but a solo series is a new development.

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This version of Batwoman, Kate Kane, was introduced in 2006 as an openly lesbian socialite who dons a cape and cowl to fight crime in Gotham City. All indications suggests the character will be depicted in the same way in her live-action debut, as an early logline describes her as “an out lesbian and highly trained street fighter" determined to stomp out the criminal resurgence in Gotham City.

Although reports indicate casting is still under way -- the production is said to be looking for an out actress, of any ethnicity -- it wouldn't be completely surprising to see the Batwoman actress introduced Saturday in Hall H.

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