Cutting Edge: The 15 Most Powerful Power Swords

Phoenix Blade

When it comes to comics, the good guys and the bad usually have some sort of advantage over the average person. Whether they have superpowers or something that gives them power, they are just better than you at pretty much everything, which is ok (they aren't real, after all). Some characters may be powerful because they wield a power ring while others may want to simply carry around a massive sword. And that's why we're here today!

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Of course, a list of the most powerful swords in comics was tough to narrow down to just 15 entries. When you think about all the characters -- powerful or not, who carry swords -- it offers up a lot of options. Regardless, some are just more powerful than the rest so, here are the 15 most powerful swords in comics.

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The first sword on our list is the only one that isn't singularly named and unique. Lightsabers -- an elegant weapon for a more civilized age -- are incredibly deadly weapons when wielded by someone who knows how to use them. Most people would turn the thing on and immediately impale themselves or hack off a hand, which is something they are used for quite a lot. A Jedi or a Sith, on the other hand, can use these things to do all sorts of damage. Not only can they battle one another with their swords like knights of old, they can deflect blaster fire with them, throw them as a spinning weapon of doom, and even pull them back into their grasp using the Force.

Obviously beginning by slashing across the silver screen, lightsabers made their comic debut in Marvel's "Star Wars" #1, written by Roy Thomas and penciled by Howard Chaykin. Since then, they have evolved into various forms of different colors and style both on the screen and on the comics page. They can cut through almost anything and are, by far, the deadliest sword-type that doesn't come with an added power such as...



Stormbringer is the magical blade carried by Elric as his only true companion. Stormbringer is a type of vampiric blade that consumes the souls of anyone it cuts. The sword itself is indestructible and sentient. For each being the blade cuts, it sucks in their souls and passes on some of that energy to its wielder. This passed energy can boost the physical stamina of the person using the sword making them faster and stronger. At a certain point, the sword becomes sated and accumulates souls without passing their energy on.

Because it is so powerful, if anyone of weak mind picks up the sword, Stormbringer can take control of their actions and master its wielder. Even someone who is strong willed can, at times, succumb to the sword's power at a point of mental weakness. Stormbringer is one of two vampiric blades but is stronger than its counterpart, Mournblade. Stormbringer's first appearance in comics came in Marvel's "Conan The Barbarian" #14, written by Roy Thomas and penciled by Barry Windsor-Smith.



Soultaker is wielded by Katana, and like a few other examples on this list, it has the ability to consume the souls of anyone it is used to kill. Unlike the other examples, the souls are not simply consumed and turned into power, they are sent to another dimension where they remain. Katana can communicate with the sword and even with the souls within. Though it looks like a standard-issue katana blade, it is incredibly durable and can deflect bullets. Soultaker made its first appearance in "The Brave and the Bold" #200, written by Mike W. Barr and penciled by Dave Gibbons.

Katana believes the soul of her own husband is trapped within the sword's dimension. They are able to communicate and he helps to inform her on the souls she has brought into Soultaker. She is even able to use the sword to track down her enemies or friends, depending on the mission. Soultaker could be wielded by anyone, but Katana's honor is tied to the blade itself so separating the two is a near-impossible task.



The Soulsword was created by Illyana Rasputin as a last ditch effort to free herself from Limbo. She used a number of spells configured to use a portion of her soul along with her motivation and revenge to forge anything that might help her. When a bright light manifested itself, she reached in and pulled out what would be called Soulsword. As soon as she held it, the sword began to glow, revealing its magical nature. She was able to use it to defeat Belasco and become the absolute ruler of Limbo in or out of the dimension.

Soulsword's power grows exponentially with every use. As the wielder uses it, both to become stronger physically as well as magically. Because it was formed from magic and the purest parts of Illyana's soul, it is imbued with various magical properties. You probably already guessed that it absorbs souls (hence the name), but it also can be used to disrupt magical attacks, grants control and manipulation over Limbo, cast spells, summon a similar armor, grant super strength, and be drawn out of nothingness and replaced there when not in use. Soulsword first appeared in "The Uncanny X-Men" #171 written by Chris Claremont and penciled by Walter Simonson.


Sword of Lucifer

The Sword of Lucifer was the weapon chosen by the Morningstar in his battle against God. As he fought other archangels, the sword was knocked from Lucifer's hand by Michael and it fell to Earth. It is empowered directly by Hell and can be wielded by anyone, good or evil. It can serve as a magical conduit between Earth and Hell in such a way as to increase the power of anyone who wields it. Like the other swords on this list, it can pretty much cut through anything and cannot be destroyed, at least by conventional means.

The Sword of Lucifer was first introduced in an Image/Top Cow comics crossover, "Dark Crossings" #1, written by Charles Holland and penciled by Dwayne Turner. It is currently wielded by Daria, a witch who has fought the wielders of Witchblade with the weapon, which was previously held by the Lord of Hell. While it doesn't imbue its wielder with evil tendencies, it has fallen into the hands of those who would wield it for evil more often than not.



Dragonfang is the blade wielded by the Asgardian Goddess Valkyrie and is said to be indestructible. The blade was forged millennia ago by Kahji Da from the tusk of an extra-dimensional dragon. It passed through from owner to owner until it landed into the possession of the Ancient One, who then gave it to his charge, Doctor Strange. Strange held onto the blade until he could bestow it upon the Asgardian goddess who currently wields it with deadly proficiency. Dragonfang first appeared in "The Avengers" #117, written by Steve Englehart and penciled by Bob Brown.

Besides being indestructible, Dragonfang also possesses the ability to absorb magic and kinetic force whenever it makes contact with blood. The sword can also be used to destroy mystical barriers of all kinds. It can be wielded by anyone capable of carrying a sword, but has been shown to be an effective tool especially when held by the goddess Valkyrie.


Sword of Omens

The Sword of Omens is the sword wielded by the leader of the Thundercats, Lion-O and it is imbued with a great many magical properties. Within the central part of the hilt lies the Eye of Thundera, which has the capability of summoning (and energizing) the Thundercats to the sword's location whenever the wielder yells aloud, "Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats Ho!" Additionally, the Eye can increase the energetic power of the sword and strike a devastating blow whenever it makes contact with a target. The Sword of Omens can also increase in size, beginning as only a small bladed weapon and extending out much longer to become a mighty sword.

The sword is indestructible and can cut through anything, including stone. The only time it could break is if it were used for evil or wielded against a fellow member of the Thundercats. It made its first appearance in comics in "Thundercats" #1, written by David Michelinie and penciled by Jim Mooney back in December of 1985.


Sword of Power

The Sword of Power is one of two Swords of Grayskull wielded by He-Man. The sword is both a powerful magic weapon as well as a key to enter Castle Greyskull. The Castle holds all of the power and knowledge of the universe within its walls, which is why it can only be wielded by a true hero. Enter Prince Adam who, with the Sword of Power, becomes, in the words of the show, "He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe, who battles Skeletor and the forces of evil to bring peace to the universe along with his trusty companion Battle Cat and the Masters of the Universe."

By itself, The Sword of Power is an incredibly durable weapon made of Eternium (essentially it's the Adamantium of the planet Eternia). The sword's power is its ability to become a conduit for the powers of Castle Greyskull. When Prince Adam points the blade into the sky and bellows, "By the power of Greyskull, I HAVE THE POWER," he turns into He-Man. He can then use the sword to cut any material and becomes incredibly powerful, able to stand up to Skeletor and his minions.


Phoenix Blade

The Phoenix Blade was in the possession of Rook'shir of the Shi'ar Empire while he was bonded to the Phoenix Force. When he was killed, for some unexplained reason, a minuscule portion of the Phoenix Force was passed into the sword, imbuing it with an immeasurable amount of cosmic powers. Because of the manner in which the sword was empowered, it can only be wielded by a member of Rook'shir's bloodline. It is currently wielded by Korvus Rook'shir, though the blade recently lost its association with the Phoenix Force and remains a regular sword. Korvus continues to wield the sword with pride, but it is unknown if it will regain the power it once had.

When it was powered by the Phoenix Force, the Phoenix Blade possessed the same powers as the fiery being of discussion. It could cut through all forms of matter; in fact, even though it is now depowered, the sword is still incredibly durable and able to cut through most objects. It continues to glow blue and remains a powerful weapon, and remains on this list for the power it once had, as well as the power it may once again hold.


Ebony Blade

The Ebony Blade was forged by none other than Merlin, who many consider the most powerful wizard of all time. It is wielded by the Black Knight and is able to cut through anything. It was forged from a meteorite and imbued with the sacred blood of the Pool of Blood, a mystical river that contains the life's blood of all souls living and dead. When the blood encompassed the sword and other artifacts made from the meteorite, it became black as night with blood red accents.

Following the death of the first Black Knight, Percy of the legendary Knights of Kind Arthur, the Ebony Blade was passed through his familial line. Successive Black Knights wielded the Ebony Blade, which was imbued with a great many powers. It is indestructible and can cut through anything, protecting whomever wields it from death. It can also disrupt, absorb and penetrate energy fields (including the Invisible Woman's force fields), not to mention energy attacks. incidentally, it is also immune to most forms of magical attack. It has the ability to possess the soul of those it is used to kill and can be corrupted by evil, so its use can be dangerous depending on the enemy the Black Knight faces.


The Sword

This Sword doesn't actually have a name, but that doesn't make it any less powerful than those that do. The Sword was wielded by Demetrios and is powerful enough to slay the gods. Three sibling gods tracked Demetrios down on Earth and attempted to retrieve the sword from him, killing almost everyone in his house in the process. Demetrios died without revealing his knowledge of the sword and before the gods could kill his last remaining child, Dara Brighton, who fell through the burning floorboards and landed next to a sword hilt and handle sticking up from the ground.

As she dragged her crippled body towards the sword and grasped it, she was inexplicably able to move her legs and stand up. The sword's power healed her as soon as she touched it and even though she was injured, she becomes far more than a human, capable of wielding a weapon powerful enough to kill the gods who destroyed her family and their way of life. The Sword comes from the incredibly talented Luna brothers for Image Comics and debuted in "The Sword" #1 in 2007.



Excalibur has been used in just about every publishing house that prints comics from Marvel and DC to others, such as Image and Vertigo. The legendary nature of the sword has allowed it to pop up just about everywhere, but for this entry, we are looking at the sword as Marvel has written it.

Excalibur is the legendary sword wielded by King Arthur of Camelot. It was first seen in comics back in 1937 in "Star Comics" #1 and has been tied to many characters since then. Some notable wielders of the sword have been Captain Britain, Iron Man, Sir Percy and even Doctor Doom. Whomever wields Excalibur is granted an immense amount of power and becomes indestructible. Excalibur's most notable element of power is its ability to kill absolutely anything. It can kill a being who is immortal, a god and even non-corporeal spirits, making it pretty effective in a fight. It even comes with a scabbard that magically protects its wielder from losing any blood, regardless of the level of injury they take.


Sword of Superman

If there's one thing the Man of Steel doesn't need, it's a weapon like a sword. That didn't stop writer Elliot S. Maggin and penciler Eduardo Barreto from introducing the Sword of Superman in "Superman Annual" #10 back in 1984. The sword was a piece of primal matter that formed during the big bang. For some reason, it took the shape of a sword and over eons flew through the universe with a strange letter "S" emblazoned on the pommel, it finally found its way to Superman.

The Sword of Superman is an object of immense and incalculable power. Since the beginning of time, it had never allowed anyone to grasp it. When it finally allowed Superman to grab hold of it, the Man of Steel immediately found himself seeing the whole of history flowing through his mind. His consciousness expanded and his power began to grow. The sword was turning Superman into an omnipotent god, but he released it. Before flying back into the unknown, it imparted this message into Kal-El's mind, "You have done well, my son. You have earned your name. Your future is yours to make. Your greatness among living things is assured."



The Odinsword is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the Norse gods of Asgard. It is much more powerful than even Mjolnir, the hammer wielded by Thor, and has the ability to channel the Odinforce itself. The sword belongs to Odin, but can be wielded by anyone who can carry it. It is able to alter in size along with its wielder, even though its true size is absolutely enormous -- bigger than many Earth buildings. It is said that once the blade has been unsheathed by Odin, Ragnorak will begin, so let's just say he doesn't just take it out to cut his veggies.

It was once wielded by Odin, wearing the Destroyer armor, who was able to use the sword against a Celestial and cut its arm off. That alone make the Odinsword an incredibly powerful weapon, given the incalculable power of the Celestials. It is capable of cutting through absolutely anything and cannot be destroyed or dulled in any way. The sword was first seen in "Journey into Mystery" #117, written by Stan Lee and penciled by Jack Kirby in a story called, "The Sword in the Scabbard."


Twilight Sword

The Twilight Sword is by far, one of the most powerful swords in the Marvel Universe. It is wielded by Surtur, a giant demon whose only real goal in existence is to bring about Ragnarok. Once the sword is lit by the Eternal Flame, he can use it to bring about the end of the gods and recreate the universe once Ragnarok has passed. The sword was forged in the heart of the Burning Galaxy, and can cut rifts between dimensions. Since it first appeared in "Thor" #341, written and penciled by Walter Simonson, it has been used to destroy the Rainbow Bridge and when it was forged, it destroyed the entire galaxy that was home to the Korbonites (Beta Ray Bill's race).

The Twilight Sword is essentially the combined energy of an entire galaxy, and seeing as it is necessary to bring about Ragnarok and reform the universe, its power is comparable to other cosmic weapons like the Infinity Gauntlet or the Cosmic Cube. Anyone who wields the Twilight Sword is empowered by it to negate physical and magical attacks on a god-like level.

Which power sword do you think is the most powerful? Let us know in the comments!

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