Cursed Pirate Girl sails back to Archaia

When Jeremy Bastian first declared that he was going to make a comic called Cursed Pirate Girl, it was part of an explosion of titles planned by Archaia. The comic ultimately came out through Olympian instead, but Bastian has just announced that CPG is back at Archaia. "Olympian Publishing was the perfect place to introduce CPG to the world," he writes, "as well as a great partner to brainstorm with about coming up with new things to accent the book with. Archaia will help bring it to a much larger audience."

He doesn't mention why the series will no longer be published by Olympian, but the publisher's website no longer exists, so it's possible the company's no longer in business, perhaps another victim of the turbulent publishing industry. That's complete speculation, though.


At any rate, Bastian promises "a couple of differences" between the two publishers' versions, and says the new edition -- presumably hardcover, as that's what Archaia is known for -- will be available sometime next spring.

Oh, and be sure to visit Bastian's announcement yourself to also see his versions of Sandman and Death, Black Cat, and Little Nemo, done as commissions at recent conventions.

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