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Welcome back to the all-fan Friday of CUP O' JOE, which we call CUP O' Q&A. Exclusively here at CBR, Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada answers questions posed by you, the readers, in CBR's Marvel Universe forum.

Of course, we're hot on top of CUP O' JOE content across our mini-site with new installments of Joe's regular interviews with the CBR staff and of course CUP O' DOODLES, where last week Joe demonstrated the process by which he drew a series of "Amazing Spider-Man: One More Day" covers for Wizard.

We've got a virtual grab bag of fan questions for Joe today, with topics ranging from Marvelman, the X-Men, the Marvel Zombies, Daredevil and more.

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Kiel Phegley: We've got an awful lot of questions about the status of Marvelman since Marvel's acquisition of the character. We know that for now there's nothing to report with respect to reprinting material that's already been seen in the U.S., but in terms of the classic character and his place at Marvel, Byzantine echoed a few readers when he asked, "Will we see the character brought into the Earth-616 continuity? Or will he be given his own universe to exist in?"

Joe Quesada: The simple answer to this is that we'll be making announcements about this in due time. With the acquisition of Marvelman, we inherited a character with not only a long publishing history, but a character that over the years, due to its interesting history, has become a legend in our industry. It's because of that that we want to take great care and really think through what we're doing with the character and how we will present him. I know fans are dying to know all the whats and hows as soon as possible, but rushing into those decisions, at the end of the day, won't serve the character. What I can say is that when we do start to announce our publishing plans, I think longstanding fans of the character will be pleased and fans unfamiliar with the character will be intrigued.

Kiel Phegley: hondobrode followed that up, wondering, "How would Marvelman be different than, say, the Sentry? I would think he would most appropriately fit under the MAX imprint, but I imagine that would also limit sales and exposure. Are you going to change his back-story? Can we expect Marvel to purchase any other properties?"

Joe Quesada: All of this will be revealed in good time, hondobrode. We've already had some pretty fantastic idea sessions internally here at Marvel about how to go about it all, but there are other cool ideas still on the way that we're going to be throwing into the mix. Once we've gathered all of this, then we'll start laying a groundwork and foundation for the character and that's when fandom will get all of the info it's starving for. I wish I could be more specific, but I think this is better than rushing into things and then hearing that we should have taken our time and thought it through.

Look, folks have waited for decades to see the character return. Heck, most thought he never would. So what's a bit more time? Especially knowing that it's finally going to happen!

Kiel Phegley: Finally, with all the praise sent towards Marvelman creator Mick Anglo and his contributions to the original British strips, Steve Bishop wanted to know, "Given that the Marvelman series that ran in Britain during the '50s and '60s was originally printed in black and white, does Marvel have any plans to put out an 'Essential Marvelman' series?"

Joe Quesada: Hey there, Steve Bishop. I would say it's a very safe bet that you'll see the older material printed. In what form, I couldn't tell you just yet. This has also been a part of our internal conversations.

Kiel Phegley: The other hot topic that's been burning up the boards is the X-Universe, particularly talk of older characters getting resurrected in the upcoming "Necrosha" storyline. TuringMachine asked something that surprised me in its specificity to modern X-stories. He said, "Hey Joe, the 'Endangered Species' storyline that ran in the back of the X-books two years ago established that M-Day not only affected 90% of the living mutant population, but expunged the X-gene from (presumably 90%) of mutants already dead before M-Day (e.g. Genosha) as well. Though naturally all the details of 'Necrosha' have yet to be released, interviews and publicity material seem to indicate that Selene (or whoever) will be 'resurrecting' -- and is in fact specifically targeting -- deceased mutants. Shouldn't almost all the resurrected mutants be powerless? Even with the Transmode Virus, Wanda retroactively altered their DNA?"

Joe Quesada: Well, TuringMachine, you have to remember that there were 16,000,000 mutants living on Genosha when the giant sentinels destroyed it. Even with "House of M," there are approximately 1,600,000 dead mutants with powers intact.

Kiel Phegley: justinkos91 had some questions about the most well-known Russians in Marvel lore: "Recently, Illyana Rasputin is back from the dead, and her and Colossus were reunited again at the end of that issue, but after that, both are on a separate path again; Illyana joining the New Mutants and Colossus appearing in 'Uncanny X-Men.' Illyana is the only family Piotr has nowadays, with his parents and brother being gone. Will we see him and Illyana interact a bit more?

Joe Quesada: Justinkos91, most times we've seen the two in the same room, Illyana has pretty much run away. So she's not crazy about spending a lot of time with Piotr. He'll obviously want to change that, but it's not really up to him. There will be some more interaction between the two in "Utopia" and in "Necrosha" and a few other places. After that, just wait for some big things on the horizon.

Kiel Phegley: And justinkos91 followed up with something a few people were asking about, namely the future of the connected nature of the X-Books in the wake of the recent summit. "Any idea as to any team-ups that may be happening? I know there's 'Necrosha' coming up, but 'X-Factor' has been off on its own for a while, in spite of the criticism of a tie-in. Any Siryn/Warpath, Shatterstar/Longshot (I know they never really had a relationship, but still...), Storm/Colossus, Chamber/Husk, etc. coming up? I know we saw some in 'Uncanny,' but it's mostly been one-panel/one-dimensional (pick and choose), any hint to any reunions?"

Joe Quesada: Sorry, but on this one I'm just going to have to say wait and see.

Kiel Phegley: Speaking of comebacks, this past week saw "Daredevil" #500 go on sale, and beyond the big changes that Ed Brubaker and company dropped in the lap of the incoming creative team, the book featured the first Marvel story we've seen from writer Ann Nocenti in a while. User trickziggy asks, "My favorite 'Daredevil' run is the Ann Nocenti and John Romita, Jr. from the '80s. Are there any plans on collecting any of those issues in trade, or perhaps a 'Daredevil by Ann Nocenti' omnibus?"

Joe Quesada: That was one of my favorite DD runs as well, trickziggy, but according to the folks that run our collected editions department, there are no plans for the near future.

Kiel Phegley: On a more character-driven comeback note, Brett-Nola wondered, "I really enjoyed the conclusion of 'Marvel Zombies 4' a couple of weeks ago. The revival of the Midnight Sons was great. Is there any chance that we'll see these characters again soon, possibly written by Fred Van Lente? Good times would be had by all, I'm sure."

Joe Quesada: Morbius and friends sure had a bloody good time, didn't they, Brett-Nola? And if it's more monster mash action you crave, check out "Punisher" #11, where the Living Vampire and a choice group of ghouls cross paths with Franken-Castle!

Kiel Phegley: To wrap the week with some rapid fire questions on current projects, docholliday504 wondered, "What is going to happen to Iron Fist after the 'Immortal Weapons' series? Fraction's 'Iron Fist' was the book that really got me back into comics. I'd hate to see Danny Rand fall back into obscurity."

From what we've seen, sales are doing well on the "Immortal Weapons" series. Can fans take that as a good sign?

Joe Quesada: Glad you asked that, Docholliday504, and glad the book meant so much to you. It's a bit too early to talk about plans yet, but rest assured Danny Rand and the mantle of the Immortal Iron Fist will continue to be an important part of the Marvel Universe.

Kiel Phegley: Member infamousmb wanted to know, "Seeing that 'X-Men Noir' is getting a sequel, is there any chance that David Hine will be writing a sequel to the excellent 'Spider-Man Noir?'"

Joe Quesada: You know it, infamousb. And thanks for the kind words! We'll be revisiting Peter Parker in the Noir Universe starting in December. Osborn may be out of the picture, but the world of 1933 New York is far from safe. While the country's roiled by social turmoil, organized crime never rests - and it isn't long before a new menace rises to take the Goblin's place. Look for Peter to find new allies in his fight against injustice -- and some familiar foes, too!

Kiel Phegley: Lastly, to get a question in there that covers just about all the topics we've hit this week, Stephen Sanders asks, "Will the Illuminati reunite at the end of the year?"

Joe Quesada: Nice try, but no cigar. You're going to have to read the books.

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