Cup O' Iron Doodles

Searching through my archives, I came across a few little ditties that while perhaps some of you have seen, were done for projects outside the comics market. Remind me to post my Renault automotive ads some day.

The following were a series of illos done for the Iron Man feature direct to DVD animated release. While the actual art has been out there in several incarnations, packaging, posters, display racks, etc., here are the never before seen pencils. I usually pencil very tightly, but I took extra care with this as it was going to be painted digitally directly from my pencils and I wanted to make Richard Isanove's life as easy as possible.

Shown anywhere for the first time, sans the logo is Richard's fully painted piece. Once again, he demonstrates why he's one of the very best in the biz.

In addition to the cover I was asked to do a few spot illos. This particular piece was a bit tougher for me because it had to be designed to work around text that would be on the back of the DVD case. At the end of the day, while it worked okay, I felt the drawing was stiff and the placement of the characters awkward, but it's what the client liked.

Here it is with Isanove's eye candy. See how much better that looks. Here's a clear case of amazing coloring saving some mediocre art. It doesn't happen often, but then again, that's why I work with the crazy Frenchmen.

Finally, here's the color piece for a poster shot I was asked to do with the Elemental characters that appeared in the feature. Unfortunately, I can't find the pencils, but trust me, the colored version is better. Not quite sure why they asked for this last piece as I never saw it appear anywhere.

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