CUP O' DOODLES: Hasbro Packaging Pt. 2

This installment of CUP O' DOODLES completes the work I did creating art for Hasbro's Invaders set that they'll be showing off at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The 70th Anniversary Invaders four-pack went on sWednesday at the Hasbro Toy Shop booth at SDCC. Okay Axis! Here we come!

While offering some unique challenges, these were a blast to do. Let me also give thanks to Alex Lopergolo from Hasbro, whose assistance with this project helped make the entire process a fantastic one.

And yes, even though I'm loath to admit it, Isanove improves my art a thousand fold as well.



The Skull was another one that came to me pretty quickly. I thought for a second about having him point his Luger pistol at us, but thought twice about it and figured that Hasbro may have a problem with a weapon like that being brandished on their packaging. I can't remember if I asked them directly about this or not, but either way, I just avoided it. Once again, here's my rough sketch. This was approved.


A more resolved sketch. Originally, I was going to render the sheen off of the leather of his costume but after a few attempts realized that this flat black was actually more striking. Granted, I didn't want to use this much black on the packaging, but in this case it was the lesser of two evils as his costume for the toy was black leather so this particular method made lemonade.


Upon Hasbro seeing the tighter sketch, they told me I was off model as the toy would not have the Hydra insignia, but he would instead have a nice fruit salad of medals on his chest.


Once again, Danny makes me look good. He like pieces like this that are 80% black, it's like printing money.


And the I-man's coloring.



Hasbro offered me the unique opportunity to do two different Cap box designs. One was going to be in glorious color and the second was going to be a black and white, retro version that would be for the package of a black and white (and gray) toy exclusive to Comic-Con.

Here's a work doodle I did as I was contemplating the assignment. You'll notice that on the left side are some of my original thoughts for the Coffee Bean sign that I would eventually use on the cover of "Amazing Spider-Man" #593. Yes, I can multitask with the best of 'em.


I created three sketches and let Hasbro pick which they wanted for which. This sketch was the one they chose for the black and white Comic-Con exclusive.

Okay gang, here's a quick trick of the modern digital trade for you. Drawing Cap's shield accurately is a royal pain in the... well, you know. So, always looking for better way to skin a cat, I gave my ol' pal, sketchup artist Jason Christiansen, a shout and asked him if he could quickly skin a shield-shaped digital file with Cap's shield design. Within an hour I got a simple model that I can turn in space to the desired proper angle, print out and use in my sketch. I love the modern world!


Here's the second sketch. This one obviously was based on my original doodle. Hasbro dug this one as well.


This was actually my favorite sketch, but got no love from the client, so you can be sure it'll show up somewhere down the line. By the way, yes, I know the legs are too skinny.


Here are the fully realized pencils for the retro piece.


And the pencils for the standard color piece. Keep in mind, I wish I could do chainmail as good as John Cassaday does, but I still don't have the feel for it.


Danny does his thing


If within the hallowed halls of Asgard there were a God of Ink, he would look just like Danny Miki


Captain America, colored by the Frenchman.


As always, Richard makes it all better in the end.



Let me apologize in advance for the blurriness of the photos, but I wanted to show you all the final product. Here's the box containing the four colored pieces.


This is the coolest thing, the 70th Anniversary logo is actually a magnetic piece that slips onto the box and holds both sides together.


The multipack revealed in all it's glory.


Namor. I love the sculpts on these toys.


Old school Human Torch. While my illustration has a significantly more detailed face, the toy keeps with tradition which I think is fantastic.


The Skull in his black leather.


And Cap. Seeing the packaged fully realized, its evident the Hasbro folks made the right call with respect to which sketch they chose.


The box for the Comic-Con black and white exclusive.


And the Cap black and white. What was interesting is that the original idea as I knew it was that they were going to have the illustration in black, white and gray tones as well. So, it was a bit of a surprise to see it in color. No problem on my end, it works either way.

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