Cup O' Cap Doodles

Hey, gang, as I may or may have not mentioned, these Cup o' Doodles entries will vary from week to week. Some may be as involved as last week's making of a cover, and some, like this week may just be stuff that I do just for fun.

More often than not, I find myself doodling during our creative meetings here at Marvel. I find that doodling helps me focus more on what's being said. Call me odd, but it works for me. This series of Cap headshots were done, if memory serves, during our creative summit as we were discussing the death of Steve Rogers and developing the idea for the Fallen Son mini that was following on the heels of his death in the pages of Cap. It was a sad story conversation involving Cap and the Marvel U, so looking at it now, these drawings seem reflective of the mood. You don't often see Cap brooding, but somehow I felt compelled to draw him that way.



I ended up using one of these sketches later on and fully penciling it. I believe that drawing was used as a premium cover of some sort, but just to show you how I get no preferential treatment here from my crew, if it was used, I've never seen a printed copy. AHEM!

See, don't let people fool ya, being EIC isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

See ya in the funnybooks,


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