Cult-favorite Electric Girl returns for a third go-round

Official Press Release

Boston, MA --- Dec 1, 2005 --- Mike Brennan and AiT/PlanetLar are proud to announce the long-awaited return of the cult-favorite, Electric Girl. Electric Girl Vol. 3 continues the hilarious adventures of Virginia the Electric Girl, Oogleeoog the magical mischievous gremlin, and Blammo the world's cutest and most trouble-finding dog. The two previous editions have received outstanding reviews, been mentioned in Publishers Weekly, and been named to numerous "best-of" lists, including The Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults 2002 Graphic Novels List.

Electric Girl Vol. 3 (AiT/PlanetLar, $13.95, ISBN: 1-932051-38-4, 160 pages, b&w) is in stores and libraries now.

"It's been a long time coming," said Mike Brennan, creator of Electric Girl, "but I've put a lot of time and effort into this book. I know readers won't be disappointed."

Reviews of the past Electric Girl books have included:

"A must-have graphic novel." –School Library Journal

"Electric Girl is a charming book perfect for all ages." –Augie De Blicek Jr., Comic Book Resources

"The whole thing's just so darned likable... An enjoyable read." –Sequential Tart

"[A] clever, slightly wacko look at a girl and her dog and her gremlin." –Susan Dunham, Kentucky Dept. for Libraries

"Electric Girl is a fabulous, funny book unlike anything else." –Johanna Draper-Carlson, Comics Worth Reading

"[Electric Girl] charms me.... His writing 'sounds' real, his layouts move the stories well, and his artwork has personality. There's a style to this book and it works." –Tony Isabella, Tony's Tips

To get an idea of life as Virginia, the Electric Girl, just imagine you can release electricity from your body at will; you can turn lights on and off with a thought (even in a 50,000-seat baseball stadium); you can change the channels on the TV without a remote; you can turn off your alarm clock---permanently; you can give anyone who irritates you a bit of a jolt. Add a watt of teenage trouble, boys, friends, surly relatives, a pet, a gremlin, a robo-Blammo, and---you get the idea---you now might be within an ampere of understanding the day in the life of Electric Girl.

Electric Girl Volume 1 ($9.95, ISBN: 0-9703555-0-5, 152 pages) and Electric Girl Volume 2 ($13.95, ISBN: 0-9703555-1-3, 160 pages) are both available at finer bookstores and comic book shops everywhere.

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AiT/Planet Lar is a pop-culture company dedicated to bringing high-quality entertainment to the masses through the creation of original projects or producing works deserving of wider recognition. AiT/Planet Lar provides a full range of services from concept to completion including writing, art management, lettering, advertising and promotion, prepress production, ancillary merchandise, and print management. Currently the company is focused on producing Original Graphic Novels to be distributed through mass-market bookstores, Amazon.com, and specialty bookshops around the world.

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