Cully Hamner spearheads campaign to help Joe Phillips

Joe Phillips has been drawing comics for 25 years, telling stories of superheroes in the pages of Mister Miracle, Timber Wolf and Wonder Woman. Now he could use some heroes in his corner.

Last fall, complications from diabetes forced the artist to have his foot amputated. He's received generous charitable assistance during that time from The Hero Initiative and IDW Publishing, for whom he recently drew Star Trek, but at the end of the day it's not enough. But Phillips has incurred sizeable medical bills, and understandably has trouble getting up and about for work each day. So fellow artist Cully Hamner has stepped in to kickstart a $5,000 fundraising drive to pay for a prosthetic foot for Phillips.

"This situation has put him at great disadvantage," Hamner wrote on GoFundMe.com. "His ability to get into his studio and be at the drawing board for the long periods it takes to make a living is limited until he can get a prosthetic limb. And it's not just the obvious physical and mental stuff to deal with, but the bureaucracy. It might be some time before the state of California comes through with any assistance, if at all."

As of the writing of this post, the GoFundMe.com drive has raised $2,755 of the $5,000 need to help Phillips. Support comes from Phillips' fans as well as fellow creators such as Dave Johnson, Duncan Fegredo, Scott Williams, Tony Isabella and Mikel Janin.

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