Cullen Bunn's X-Men Blue Cry Havok & Let Slip the Symbiotes of War

With the original X-Men out missing, Magneto fields a new team that appears on the cover of the April's X-Men Blue #25. What can you tell us about this group and their dynamic? Seems like the interactions between Jimmy Hudson, the son of the Ultimate Universe's Wolverine, and his new comrade Daken might be especially interesting.

Magneto needs to pull together a new team to help him put a stop to Havok's plans. Polaris, Bloodstorm, Gazing Nightshade, Daken, Jimmy Hudson and Xorn make up this weird mix of characters. Daken, I'll admit, was a last minute addition to the group based on some discussions with Mark Pannicia. His interactions with Jimmy will certainly be interesting, especially AFTER this story. I also love writing scenes with Daken and Briar Raleigh.

With stories spreading out over three different books you're collaborating with a number of different artists. Let's take a moment to chat about the work their doing.

EXCLUSIVE: Venomized #1 art by Iban Coello

Yeah, I'm working with so many awesome artists on these projects! As you mentioned Iban Coello and I are teaming up once more for Venomized! Edgar Salazar is on my Venom issues, Jacopo Camagni on the “Poison-X” issues of X-Men Blue. Jorge Molina and R.B. Silva are working on the "Cry Havok" and "Mothervine" issues of X-Men Blue.

I just love how each of these artists brings their own flair to the action and drama of the issues. And it can be challenging for them. In some cases, they are all working on their arcs at the same time, so they must work together to make sure the designs of characters, events, items, ships, and the like all mesh!

Finally what sort of hints and teases can you leave us with about the action, scope and tone of "Cry Havok?" It seems like this will be an especially large and eventful arc?

EXCLUSIVE: Venomized #1 art by Iban Coello

"Cry Havok" and the following arc "Mothervine" are huge in terms of X-Men history. They shake things up for mutants around the world. They change things for Havok and Emma Frost and Bastion and Xorn... and -- well -- everyone involved. And Magneto will be a bit different than he has been in recent months, too. We've been hinting at a growing anger within him. That is about to explode.

The next several issues of X-Men Blue all tie together some really big story elements. Magneto fans... buckle up. Havok fans... I hope you like where I'm going. Emma Frost fans... this is what I've been building to. I'm going to be delivering on some promises I made in the very first issues of the series!

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