Cullen Bunn's X-Men Blue Cry Havok & Let Slip the Symbiotes of War

In X-Men:Blue Annual #1 you kicked off the "Poison-X" crossover between that series andVenom. What's it like bouncing Eddie Brock and his "Other" off your adolescent cast?

I love seeing Eddie interact with the Original Five. In particular, I like his interactions with Cyclops. I see him as something of a hard-nosed father figure for Scott.

"Poison-X" feels very new reader friendly, but I've also noticed some connective tissue with your other work. Is this story the sort of middle chapter in a trilogy of Eddie Brock tales you're telling that began in the Venomverse mini and continues with April's Venomized?

Art from X-Men Blue #22 by Jacopo Camagni and colorist Matt Milla

I wanted this story to work for people who only read Venom... or for folks who only read X-Men... or for people who have never read either. This is, however, the connective piece between Venomverse and Venomized. Think of it like The Empire Strikes Back – it’s the bridge between the two. With a title like “Poison-X”, we've tipped our hand that the villains from Venomverse will be showing up, and we'll be getting a hint at the scale of their plans and the threat they pose, but we still have some surprises up our sleeves – including some great surprises that will set the stage for Venomized.

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What's it been like bringing the story of Eddie Brock and the Poisons to a conclusion in Venomized? The solicits for that mini-series suggests that you and artist Iban Coello are telling an epic tale of alien invasion and resistance set against the backdrop of the Marvel Universe. Is that a fair description of your intention with the series?

That's right. Venomized is the story of the Poisons invading Earth with the intent of consuming as many super-powered individuals as possible. This gives the Poisons an odd attack pattern. They must give people symbiotes, then consume both the symbiote and the host. The Poisons crave power, and they are just overconfident enough to launch a really crazy attack on Earth. I can tell you that several Marvel characters will not make it through this story unscathed and unchanged.

The events of the upcoming “Cry Havok” arc of X-Men Blue will unfold while Venom and the Original Five are in space. The solicits for X-Men Blue #23 suggests the antagonists of that arc are Havok, Emma Frost, Bastion, and Miss Sinister. That sounds like an uneasy alliance at best. What's it like bouncing all those characters off of each other? What can you tell us about their dynamic together?

Art from X-Men Blue #22 by Jacopo Camagni and colorist Matt Milla

"Uneasy" is an understatement. We'll reveal pretty early on that these characters don't necessarily enjoy working together. They are all plotting against one another even though they are working toward a shared goal. It's been a lot of fun for me to show that these characters aren't just trying to take over the world. They have very specific agendas they are willing to do anything to accomplish. When they achieve their goals, they know they will need to kill each other. They're all just biding their time.

As the titular character of this arc I'm guessing Havok has a pretty important role in this story. What's your sense of Alex Summers? What motivates him?

This is a big story for Alex...calling to events as far back as the Axis event. During that story, Alex was "inverted," turning him into an "evil" version of himself. Now, he'll do anything to make sure mutants ascend to the top of the food chain. He's more like "classic" Magneto than Magneto currently is.

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