Cullen Bunn's X-Men Blue Cry Havok & Let Slip the Symbiotes of War


One of the most enjoyable elements of shared universes is that seemingly disparate elements like the Original Five time-displaced title characters of Marvel Comics' X-Men Blue and the symbiote enhanced vigilante Venom can suddenly find themselves fighting side by side. Writer Cullen Bunn and artists Jacopo Camagni and Edgar Salazar kicked that unlikely team-up off in the current “Poison X” crossover, a partnership that will continue in the months ahead and lead to serious stakes and repercussions for the heroes involved.

In March's “Cry Havoc” arc of X-Men Blue, which kicks off in issue #23, Bunn and artists Jorge Molina and R.B. Silva chronicle what's happening on Earth while the Original Five X-Men are out in space, and the machinations their mentor Magneto undertakes to stop an unlikely cabal with sinister designs for mutantkind. Then, in April's five issue Venomized, Bunn and artist Iban Coello reunite for a story that brings Venom and the X-Men back to Earth and concludes the Eddie Brock trilogy they kicked off with last year's Venomverse.

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CBR spoke with Bunn about all of these stories; the major players involved (which include Havok, Emma Frost, and a new team of X-Men), and the recent revelation that the title characters of X-Men Blue are in fact the X-Men of the main Marvel Universe and must eventually return to the past to set their timeline right.

Art from X-Men Blue #22 by Jacopo Camagni and colorist Matt Milla

CBR: Cullen, in X-Men Blue #20 you brought the "Cross Time Capers" arc to a close with an ending that definitively answered the question about the time displaced title character's roles in X-Men history and suggested that eventually they'll have to return to their own time and forget their time in the present. What does that mean for their adventures moving forward? And how will the revelation about their destiny effect the team as a whole? Is it possible not everyone will want to go back?

Cullen Bunn: I decided when I started writing this series that the team would definitely need to return home at some point. While there has been plenty of debate if this version of the O5 were from an alternate reality or not, in my mind I felt they were most interesting if they were from "our" universe. This means, of course, that they must return home at some point. And, no, not all of them will want to. Maybe none of them.

Here's the thing, though -- a lot of folks have said that this means the O5 must survive to return home. That's comforting, I guess, but this is comics... and anything could happen.

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