Cullen Bunn Breaks Down Marvel's Asgardians of the Galaxy Line-Up

Marvel Comics' Thor is a figure with one foot in the ancient, supernatural myths of the Norse people and the other in cosmic sci-fi. It's been that way since his first appearance in 1963's Journey Into Mystery #83, where Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and Larry Lieber pitted the Thunder God against a race of alien stone men, and though the Avenger has undergone a ton of changes since then, this aspect of the character has remained a constant.

Over the years, those cosmic elements have popped up in a number of iconic stories that have seen the Asgardian people take on and encounter things like alien gods, Celestials, strange galaxies, and the world devouring Galactus. The Asgardian known as Angela even served as a member of the Marvel Universe's premier interstellar super team, the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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The Asgardian's wealth of cosmic experience means that when her old team is suddenly no more Angela won't have to look far for a suitable band of replacements. The team she brings together are the title characters of the aptly named new series Asgardians of the Galaxy. The title, helmed by Cullen Bunn and Matteo Lolli, kicks off in September and spins out of the Cosmic Marvel event miniseries, Infinity Wars.

CBR spoke with Bunn about his cast of characters, the adventures they'll embark on, and the familiar Marvel Cosmic menace they'll cross swords with in the book's initial arc.

CBR: The title of your new series is a fun pun, but is it also an indication of the mandate of the new team? How similar and how different will the tone and types of adventures in your book be to those featured in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Cullen Bunn: Admittedly, the pitch for this book started as a pun. But the title also perfectly sums up the focus of the series -- Asgardian heroes on crazy cosmic adventures.

I don't view this as a replacement to Guardians of the Galaxy as much as another galactic superhero book. Like Guardians, though, I want this to be a fun adventure series with humor and peril and action and heart. The team itself sets the series apart from Guardians, because these characters are so vastly different. The adventures they embark upon are quite different, too. These stories, while cosmic in nature, are firmly rooted in Asgardian lore.

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