Cuddly Pikachu PC cushion will keep you company at the keyboard

Pikachu may no longer be the most popular Pokémon, but when fans need a pocket monster to cuddle with a the keyboard, which one are they going to turn to? Certainly not Greninja.

Bandai, which earlier this year released a Digimon PC cushion, now has introduced this Pikachu version, which will offer wrist -- and emotional -- support as you spend hours at the computer, undoubtedly arguing about the results of that Pokémon poll.

If you're concerned that sitting all day with a child-size yellow plushie on your lap might draw stares from co-workers, or trigger a meeting with your supervisor, you can always detach the keyboard cushion, and leave Pikachu at home.

The Pokémon PC cushion can be purchased through Amazon for $89.

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(via Crunchyroll)

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