Cuddle up at the keyboard with this Digimon Agumon cushion

There's probably no better Digimon than Agumon to protect your wrists during long hours at the computer. After all, the little reptile is ferocious and fearless, and spits fire. Plus, it's pretty cuddly, as far as pint-sized, flame-throwing dinosaurs go.

This one's the latest addition to Bandai's line of PC character cushions -- stuffed animals that not only lend support to your wrists while you type, but also give you something to cuddle. Let's file that under "moral support."

Agumon and his plush brethren might be difficult to get away with at the office, but at home? Hey, you be you, and hug as many stuffed Digital Monsters as you want while you browse online. Agumon can also sit upright without any assistance, so you don't need to be hugging him all of the time. (Geez, give him some space.)

Priced at about $50, the Agumon PC cushion will be available in June.

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(via Rocket News24)

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