CSBG Takes a Look at DC's Relaunch News

As you all know by now, DC is relaunching their superhero line of comics with 52 brand-new #1s in September (CBR has the details on all 52 here).

I thought it was worth putting up this piece to point you to two recent articles written by two of our Comics Should Be Good contributors about the relaunch.

First, Greg Hatcher has a piece here that he described as "Some speculation and spitballing and kibitzing from the sidelines. In no particular order." It is essentially nine separate "thoughts" about the announcement.

Next, Kelly Thompson has a piece here where she reacts to the DC news and shares some of the concerns she has with the news and the rumors associated with the news.

Stick with us as more information is released, as I'm sure we'll have plenty more to say about it all!

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