CSBG Advent Calendar - A Super Christmas, Day 14

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Nick Perks drew this Santa/Superman piece. So how this works is that every day until Christmas Eve, you can click on the current day's Advent Calendar post and it'll have a story in it that is part of my countdown of the 24 Greatest Superman Christmas Comics ever told! And I'll add links to the previous days in each new installment.

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And now for Day 14, #11 on the countdown is...

"The Man Who Hated Christmas!" from "Action Comics #105" by Jerry Siegel and John Sikela.

This was from the tail end of Jerry Siegel's original involvement on the Super-titles (he and Joe Shuster, who was still being credited as drawing the "Superman" feature in "Action" despite not being the regular artist in some time, would sue DC Comics soon after this issue came out and be black-balled for years over it).

In it, a rich and powerful businessman hates Christmas so much that he visits Santa Claus (in the guise of friendship) and tricks Santa Claus into eating some specially treated chocolates that make Santa Claus too fat too fit into chimneys (this leads to the famous cover for this issue, which shows Superman trying to show a too-fat Santa down a chimney).

Superman's solution is to come up with elaborate and downright twisted ways of getting Santa to lose the weight fast...

After successfully getting Santa to drop the weight (through some really weird methods), they end up running into the businessman again when his helicopter konks out but they manage to save him, making him realize that being nice to others is not actually the weakness that he thought it was (he built his business out of nothing, so he always considered anyone who helped others as a weak sap), leading to a big change of heart for the man who once hated Christmas...

John Sikela really drew the hell out of this one.

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