Crush: Who Is Lobo's Teen Titan Daughter?

Crush Lobo's Daughter

Over the years, DC has introduced plenty of legacy characters who carry on the spirit or mantle of its greatest heroes. However, some members of the next generation of DC heroes carry on the mantle of some of DC's less noble heroes too. The perfect embodiment of that idea might be Crush, the daughter of Lobo, the cosmic outlaw and DC's resident Main Man.

While Lobo's TV series might not be happening any longer, the Last Czarnian lives on through his daughter, even though he's still wreaking havoc around the DC Universe. Since she was created by Adam Glass and Robson Rocha, Crush has already joined one of DC's most famous superhero teams, the Teen Titans, where she's shown that Lobo's bad attitude runs in the family. Now, we're taking a look back at Crush's secret origin and how she joined the superhero team.

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The Last (Half-)Czarnian

Xiomara has an origin that shares a striking number of similarities to Superman's history. As an infant, she crash-landed on Earth. As the daughter of Lobo and a woman not yet revealed, she was discovered by a kindly hippie couple, David and Lisa Rojas. Taking her (and the mysterious chain called the Obelus wrapped around her) into their lives, the Rojas raised Ximara as their own. She was home-schooled on the move with her burnout parents, but they protected her throughout her childhood. When she asked her parents about her origins, they lied and said she was the daughter of important superheroes who'd left the planet to protect the universe.

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Her idyllic days was thrown into upheaval when, as a teenager, she saw footage of a fight between Lobo and Superman. Immediately recognizing her father, Xiomara got into an argument with her parents and ran away from home. She was confronted by a gang outside a gas station and provoked into a fight that she handily won. Heading back to the trailer park where her family had been holed up, she discovered the trailer ablaze, her parents dead and the Obelus missing. Fearing she'd be blamed, Xiomara fled the scene of the crime.

The Main Woman

Trying to keep herself alive on the streets, Xiomara increasingly turned to her genetic attributes to stay alive in almost any situation. She's half-Czarnian, giving her the physical perks of that alien race's physiology. She possesses superhuman durability, stamina, and strength that makes her capable of standing to the world's more formidable fighters. She also has a super-powerful healing factor that allows her to walk off any injury she does actually suffer.

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She used her abilities to survive by becoming a cage fighter. She proved to be nearly unbeatable and gained the moniker "Crush." During this time she also discovered her attraction to womenwhen another young woman tried to manipulate her romantically. Crush learned from the experience and defeated her in the ring, becoming an even harsher brawler than before. Eventually, however, she was approached by Damian Wayne. Intent on creating a new, harsher group of Teen Titans to combat the harsher elements of the DC Universe, Robin wanted to recruit Crush for her sheer strength. Crush only agreed when Robin revealed he'd help her find the person who killed her foster parents and stole the Obelus.

Teen Titans

Crush's hard exterior didn't endear her to her new teammates. They quickly began capturing villains and putting them into a secret prison constructed by Damian with no one the wiser. Slowly, she warmed up other members of the group, developing a love/hate banter with Roundhouse and developing romantic feelings for Djinn. She worked alongside the team to try and discover the identity of the Other, a mysterious villain sending villains after them.

Going off alongside her teammate Djinn, Crush followed the lead Robin had found all the way to Ezekiel, who was revealed to be a drug dealer who Xiomara's foster parents had ripped off, he followed them across the country in pursuit of a debt. He killed them and stole the Obelus for himself to become more powerful. Reunited, however, the Obelus chose Crush and returned under her control. However, Djinn convinced her not to kill the man and show him mercy. Proving that she does have it in her to become a better person, Crush returned to the team and has continued to try and adjust to her role within the group.

Eventually, things took a turn and the team began to fall apart due to in-fighting. Djinn's apparent feelings for Robin pushed Crush to the edge, leading the pair to face off when the team splintered into outright combat following the death of Deathstroke. However, this happened to coincide with the Other putting a massive bounty on the Teen Titans, which Lobo picked up.

Learning that he might have another child to eliminate (after having wiped out all his previous relations,) Lobo took the job and confronted Crush. Lobo quickly overwhelmed her, proving to be stronger than she could equal. But working alongside the rest of the Teen Titans, she stood up against her father. During the battle, the Obelus proved capable of harming the seemingly impervious Lobo. He revealed that he'd never seen the chain, suggesting it came from her mother. Crush was finally able to overwhelm her father and solidified her place with DC's next generation of heroes.

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