Crusade Fine Arts presents 'SHI: HOT TARGET #1'

Official Press Release

Who is the Hot Target? She's whoever she needs to be.

Meet Maura Stone, LAPD.

Maura is not only on the front lines of the war on crime, she's leading thecharge. If there's a spotlight dance, she's the one taking it. She can playsoft and sweet. She can play nasty. She can play pretty much any way youneed, but she always plays to win.

But her next role may be her last as she tracks down a copycat assassin benton re-creating the notorious "Shi" killings from New York City. MauraStoneis the Hot Target and she's about to come face-to-face with the killer...andwith Shi!

"The world of Maura Stone will unfold in a series of individual episodesthat, taken together, allow us into her heart, head and soul," said BillyTucci, who with writer J.C. Vaughn created HOT TARGET. "A great manystrong,intelligent people have issues, problems they think they've dealt with,tribulations they think they've put behind them. Many of those people arewrong. Some of them are the very people who have been tasked with protectingus. She's one of them."

"SHI: HOT TARGET #1 is a one-shot that introduces readers to Maura Stoneandsome of her supporting cast when a serial killer begins recreating the 'Shi'killings depicted in Shi: Way of the Warrior, the original Shi series,"Vaughn said. "And yes, Ana Ishikawa plays an important role in thestory."

SHI: HOT TARGET #1 is a full-color, regular format one-shot from CrusadeFine Arts featuring theexciting debut of Maura Stone, created by Billy Tucci and J.C. Vaughn.Scheduled to go on sale in June 2003, this issue will be featured in theApril 2003 PREVIEWS from Diamond Comic Distributors.

Tucci is the creator of Crusade's flagship character, Shi, and otherproperties including VICTORIA CROSS, THE BURNING BLUE and ATOMIKA. He isalso an award-winning filmmaker following his writing and directorial debutwith some trouble of a SeRRious nature.

Vaughn is the writer of SHI: AKAI, SHI: POISONED PARADISE and SHI: SEMPO. Heis also the creator of the private investigator series McCANDLESS & COMPANY.The trade paperback McCANDLESS & COMPANY: CRIME SCENES will be published byCrusade in May.

SHI: HOT TARGET #1 will feature art by Tucci and Marc Sparacio (Shi:Illustrated Warrior). Tucci will provide one cover, with Matt Busch (Stargate SG-1, Battlestar Galactica) providing the other.

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