Crusade Fine Arts announces Billy Tucci's 'Gremlin Effect: Gremlinology'

Official Press Release

(Bayport, NY) It is summer 1940 and the Gremlins of Hootonshire on the Isle of Wight have been "invaded" by the Royal Air Force, and they're not about to let a little thing like The Battle of Britain get in the way of their revenge! The Gremlin masses will now enact a "Gremlin Effect," devoting all their time and talents plaguing the RAF during the world's most desperate days…all of them, that is, but one. Can one Gremlin make a difference in freedom's "finest hour?" Find out in Gremlin Effect: Gremlinology!

Crusade Fine Arts is proud to present this one-shot introducing readers to Shi creator Billy Tucci's all new comic project, Gremlin Effect. Beautifully illustrated by Tucci and renowned painter Mark Sparacio, Gremlinology focuses on the intricacies of these mischievous spirits of tools and machinery who have been soured by man's lack of recognition in helping with his greatest inventions.

"I'm really excited to finally begin to tell this story," said Tucci. "This is something I've wanted to work on forever. It's a completely different concept than Shi or any of my other projects, but it's something I've had in my head for a long time. I'm very interested to see how fans and retailers react to this one-shot, because we're definitely going to do more."

Gremlin Effect: Gremlinology, a full-color comic from Crusade Fine Arts, is a primer for Crusade's new Gremlin Effect property. Hollywood's continuing enthusiasm for Shi, solid interest in other Crusade properties, and the award-winning success of his first short film, some trouble of a SeRRious nature, lead Tucci to test the waters now.

"The experience of doing some trouble…, and the long road to getting the Shi movie made have taught me a lot," Tucci said, "and I think that with its crafty combination of fantasy and humor the comic market is ready for a book like Gremlin Effect."

The full color Gremlin Effect: Gremlinology will carry a retail price of $4.99.

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