Crunchyroll Launches One Piece 'Devil Fruit' Streetwear Collection

Anime streaming site Crunchyroll has provided CBR with a look at its One Piece "Devil Fruit" capsule collection of streetwear, which launches today.

Below, you'll find the first images of the limited clothing line, which features five different items: two short-sleeve tees, two long-sleeve tees and one hoodie, with designs inspired by the mysterious fruits from Eiichiro Oda's hit pirate manga and anime series that grant those that consume them a unique superpower.

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Crunchyroll's previous collections, released under the brand's in-house streetwear line Crunchyroll Loves, have included popular manga/anime properties like KonosubaRE:ZeroMob Psycho 100RWBY, as well as one devoted to the work of Junji Ito, famed creator of manga horror classics like Uzumaki. The Devil Fruit collection, however, is not part of this line.

One Piece fans will be quick to spot, among others, the purple Gum Gum Fruit in the image above, which gave Straw Hat Captain Luffy his versatile "rubber human abilities."

Crunchyroll's One Piece "Devil Fruit" capsule collection is available now.

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