Crumb on McCay (and Twain and Obama and ...)

Part of Robert Crumb's website includes a series of observations called "Crumb on Others," in which the cartooning legend talks about a diverse spectrum of people from Mozart to Martin Luther King Jr.

Take this musing on Little Nemo's Winsor McCay as an example and then click the link above for the others:

The guy’s not even human. I don’t know how he did it. It’s unbelievable what he did, week after week on those Little Nemo strips. It’s incredible. His son said he was a workaholic, that he didn’t pay any attention to his kids or anything, he just worked all the time. And that’s the only way he could have done those strips, just worked constantly. God, just the conception of those strips, and every week? He did those for years. Omigod, I don’t know how he did it. It’s beyond anything I could even imagine doing. I guess he was a man of his time, you know, people conceived things differently then. It’s like a tiffany lamp. I look at that thing and I can’t even imagine how they did it. Or some ancient Egyptian gold leaf figure on a throne, you know, some pharaoh -- have no idea how they did it. That’s how Winsor McCay is to me. And then guess what? He made his own animated cartoon and drew every single cell himself! How about that?

Thanks to Chris Mautner for pointing this out.

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