Cruise Eyes <i>Our Name Is Adam</i>

That Tom Cruise sure has a lot of projects in the works: remakes of Van Helsing and The Magnificent Seven, Mission: Impossible 5, and perhaps Top Gun 2, if that's still in the works following Tony Scott's death.  All of that is on top of the three movies that will arrive in theaters in the next six months -- Jack Reacher (Dec. 21), All You Need Is Kill (March 14) and Oblivion (April 19).

And now Variety reports there's something else on Cruise's plate: a top-secret sci-fi film called Our Name Is Adam, which is being shopped by Pacific Rim and Noah producer Mary Parent. It boasts a script by T.S. Nowlan, who made waves earlier this year when his Agent 13 script sparked a bidding war that Universal wound up winning.

That's some pretty impressive talent attached, but it's conceivable that Cruise's name is just attached to get financing right now or that he really does intend on making all these movies in as short a time as possible. Which of the listed projects would you like to see Cruise tackle next?

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