Crowd Reacts to WWE Hell in a Cell Main Event Finish with a 'Refund' Chant

This past weekend, WWE held its latest pay-per-view event Hell in a Cell. Seth Rollins confronted Bray Wyatt's monstrous alter ego The Fiend in a brutal cage match for the Universal Championship title.

As defending champion, Rollins confronted Wyatt in the main event. The match was concluded as a no-contest when a referee disqualified the two wrestlers after the battle escalated. Given the cage match's infamous no-holds-barred reputation, the incensed audience began loudly booing the proceedings and chanting for refunds.

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The main event's abrupt ending was also poorly received by professional critics and audiences at home, with #CancelWWENetwork trending on Twitter and fans lambasting the main event's results online hours after its broadcast.

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With fans also heard audibly chanting AEW, the WWE's biggest professional wrestling rival organization All Elite Wrestling, the maligned conclusion to Hell in a Cell is not a good sign. AEW has since begun airing its matches weekly on TNT in direct competition with WWE's NXT branch. With the next WWE pay-per-view event Crown Jewel airing on October 21, hopefully the venerable professional wrestling organization can win back its good standing with fans.

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