"Crow" Pre-Production Stalls As Studio Declares Bankruptcy

After losing a number of lead actors over the years, the long in-development remake of "The Crow" has just hit another major snag. The film's studio, Relativity Media, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy late last week, the ripples of which are now being felt by "The Crow."

As noted by the Hollywood Reporter, reports have emerged stating that pre-production on the film has stalled. A source close to the new "Crow" informed THR that the move comes as a result of an entire production team leaving the project, in addition to the departure of "several other" department heads.

Relativity has yet to make an official statement regarding the current status of the remake of the 1994 film, but an unnamed source at the company was quoted as saying that those at Relativity "continue to be excited by 'The Crow.'"

The latest hurdle comes following the addition of Jack Huston to the cast in the lead role. Huston replaced Luke Evans, who himself replaced Bradley Cooper. Other actors, including Tom Hiddleston and James McAvoy were also rumored for the part at one time.

It's been reported that the new film will closely follow James O'Barr's original 1980s indie comic, which inspired the 1994 cult film starring Brandon Lee as Eric Draven. Corin Hardy is still attached to direct the film.

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