Crosshair (FULL ISSUE)

After settling into the life of loving husband and devoted father, a former assassin for the CIA learns he's been brainwashed to kill the President of the United States. To his horror, Justin Weller has discovered that in less than 48 hours something or someone will trigger his suppressed program and send him into deadly and irreversible action. In this story, Weller is both our villain and our hero.

Justin Weller is the suburban superdad. He has the picturesque single family home in a nice, quiet suburb with a doting, loving wife and adorable daughter. He coaches Little League, helps the neighbors with their home improvement projects, volunteers on the Neighborhood Watch and was elected to the county zoning commission. Weller's secret is that in a previous life he was a highly trained assassin for the CIA. In fact, he was the CIA's best assassin. When a strike team of highly trained, armed commandos suddenly drops into Weller's quiet suburban neighborhood, Justin springs into action and in an instant, he is a precise and deadly operative. To the commandos' horror, Weller has rigged his entire neighborhood to serve as an elaborate defense system with hidden traps, weapons, and cover. Justin Weller never went to seed.

As Weller disposes of his ambushers he learns that in less than 48 hours something or someone will trigger suppressed programming within his mind and activate him to kill the President of the United States. Justin quickly concludes that there is only one man on the planet that can stop him -- himself. Weller must race against the clock to uncover the larger conspiracy at play while trying to prevent himself from being triggered. At times his actions seem disconnected and reckless, but as his training continues to kick back in he gets closer and closer to uncovering the root of the Presidential conspiracy. The conspirators become painfully aware that their greatest weapon is quickly turning into their worst nightmare. A shocking betrayal stops Weller only moments away from discovering his lethal trigger. He has but a split second to realize the double-cross before he hears the click go off in his brain. The unstoppable killing machine is on mission. How can a man stop his most dangerous enemy, when the enemy is himself?

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