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Keeping our loyal readers and retailing partners informed of what's comingout when, here's an updated CrossGen publishing schedule.

While, as previously announced, we originally planned on releasing twoweeks' worth of titles on August 13th, we learned today that the necessaryreservation time on Quebecor's printing press was simply not available.After consulting with retailers, we've now decided--to avoid an unnecessarydrain on retailer and reader's wallets--not to arrange an additionaldouble-week printing schedule.

Here's what's coming your way from August 13th through September 3rd...

On Sale August 13th:

BRATH #6: A major new character debuts as we enter the gladiator's arena! ByChuck Dixon & Alcatena!

MARK OF CHARON #5: The revelations continue as the universe-shakingminiseries reaches it's chaotic conclusion! By Tony Bedard & Sal Velluto!

MERIDIAN #38: You'll never guess who's chronicling Sephie's crusade! ByBarbara Kesel & Luke Ross!

THE PATH #17: When Obo-san and Aiko venture deep into the heart oftreacherous territory, will the Nogawa clan take our heroes' offer...ortheir heads? By Ron Marz & Matthew Smith!

RUSE #22: Is Simon's home a haunted mansion? By Scott Beatty & Butch Guice!

SOJOURN #25: New writer Ian Edginton jumps onboard for the special $1.00issue! By Edginton & Greg Land!

On Sale August 20th:

DRAGON'S LAIR #1: Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Dragon's Lair, theclassic arcade game makes its comic book debut! By Andy Mangels, & FabioLaguna!

THE FIRST #34: Solusandra reveals the secret of the First! By Barbara Kesel& Andy Smith!

JOHN CARPENTER'S SNAKE PLISSKEN CHRONICLES #2: Double-crossed and left fordead, Snake strikes back! By William O'Neill & Tone Rodriguez!

MYSTIC #39: In the culmination of a yearlong story, Giselle must prove allshe's learned! By Tony Bedard & Aaron Lopresti!

R.A. SALVATORE'S DEMONWARS #4: The barbarian ranger Andacanavar is temptedby what he wants most in life-but at what cost? By R.A. Salvatore, ScottCiencin & Greg Tocchini!

WAY OF THE RAT #16: Another cast member falls to the blade of anassassin...but who? By Chuck Dixon & Jeff Johnson!

On Sale August 27th:

BRIAN PULIDO'S LADY DEATH #7: The battle for Novgrod is over...but a newadventure begins! By Brian Pulido & Ivan Reis!

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: ICONS OF EVIL - TRAPJAW #1: How did a once-proudwarrior become the mechanized minion known as Trapjaw? By Robert Kirkman &Carlo Pagulayan!

NEGATION #21: Deep within the bowels of a Negation prison, the fugitivestake on their greatest challenge...and pay the price! By Tony Bedard & PaulPelletier!

SIGIL #39: It's the Saurians vs. the Negation...it won't be pretty! By ChuckDixon & Ron Wagner!

SILKEN GHOST #4: The true nature of the Laughing Ghost is revealed! By ChuckDixon & Will Rosado!

SOJOURN #26: Two weeks after the $1.00 issue, Mordath grabs the spotlight!By Ian Edginton & Lewis LaRosa!

On Sale September 3rd:

THE CROSSOVERS #8: Romantic havoc spreads across Crosstown, driving apartCarter and Calista! By Robert Rodi & Joe Staton!

CRUX #29: With his city facing annihilation, Tug makes a decision that willrock Atlantis to its core! By Chuck Dixon & Sergio Cariello!

ROUTE 666 #15: Featuring the guest-art of John McCrea (Hitman)-and the debutof a major new character! By Tony Bedard & McCrea!

SCION #39: A special standalone issue in the tradition of Prince Valiant'sSunday comics! By Ron Marz & Jim Cheung!

SOLUS #6: George Perez returns as Solusandra shakes up the First! By BarbaraKesel & Perez!

SPACE ACE #1: Don Bluth's classic sci-fi arcade game makes its comic bookdebut! By Robert Kirkman & Paulo Burges!

As always, we appreciate your continued patience and support.

And if you're traveling to Wizard World: Chicago, we'll see you there!

Your Connection @ CrossGen,

Bill RosemannDirector of Marketing & Communications

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